Royal Armoured Corps Recruiting Areas

Justin Zacchi made this Freedom of Information request to British Army

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Dear British Army,

Could you advise the recruiting areas (if assigned one) for each of the regular regiments of the Royal Armoured Corps? I'm aware the Yeomanry are regional, therefore I'm asking for only the regulars.

Yours faithfully,

Justin Zacchi

Army Sec-Group (MULTIUSER), British Army

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Dear Mr Zacchi


Please find attached a letter in response to your recent Freedom of
Information request to the Ministry of Defence.




Army Policy & Secretariat | Org & Basing

Army Headquarters | IDL 24 | Blenheim Building | Marlborough Lines |


Dear Army Sec-Group (MULTIUSER),

Already have this information

Yours sincerely,

Justin Zacchi


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    20210217 Rev Mr Zacchi Aggregation of requests MOD final internal review.pdf

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Sent: 17 February 2021 19:19
Subject: 20210217-Rev-Mr Zacchi-Internal review of various requests


Dear Mr Zacchi


Please see attached MOD’s internal review of your various requests.



MOD Information Rights Compliance Team