Rottingdean Queues 2018, Measuring the Tip of the Iceberg.

rob shepherd made this Freedom of Information request to Brighton and Hove City Council

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Dear Brighton and Hove City Council,


The council collected traffic data around Rottingdean in Feb-Mar 2018 to support a study to reduce NO2 Air Pollution.

This included classified & unclassified traffic throughput counts (including "Turning Counts"), traffic speed counts and vehicle queue counts using video recording technology.

The purpose of this FoI is to confirm the council/consultants realise(d) the video technology was placed where it could see only a small part of the A259/High Street queues, the "tip of the iceberg", being unable from its location to see either over the brow of the A259 hill or around corners.

In the unlikely event that they have not realised the limitation of the data they collected, this FoI then requests the data/information needed to illustrate and confirm that they only measured the "tip of the iceberg".

Information Request.

Will the council confirm it and it's consultants know that their Queue Counts at Rottingdean junction only recorded the vehicles at the front of the queues, the full extent of the queues being hidden from the video cameras by the "topology" - i.e. hills, bends and turnings?

If this is not confirmed, please provide the following information for the A259 West of Rottingdean Junction (where the peak evening queue typically extends over 1km, well past the start of the bus lane)

- where on the A259 between the High Street and Roedean were the West facing videos located that recorded the evening queue of traffic coming from Brighton?

- in each case, how far West along the queue was the video able to record before the view was restricted by road bends, turns or hills?

If this information is not available, please provided copies of the video recordings so the above information can be determined and demonstrated.

Yours faithfully,

rob shepherd

Freedom Of Information, Brighton and Hove City Council

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Freedom of Information request
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