Roles of Government Departments Involved in the Production of Studies on the Impact of Brexit

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Dear Her Majesty’s Treasury,

Roles of Government Departments Involved in the Production of Studies on the Impact of Brexit

I refer to my FoI request to the DExEU:

And their response:

In the response to Item 5a, DExEU says: “We can confirm that DExEU does not hold this information. This exercise relied on expertise and involvement from across Government, and we are as such unable to ascertain the effort in days that went into producing these studies.”

I now have the following questions of your department. I would be grateful if you would answer these questions on behalf of your department and those government agencies reporting through your department. If you are unable to report on behalf of your agencies, please let me know and I will make further FoI requests directly to those agencies.

1 Did your department (or associated agencies) have any role in the production of any of the studies referred to in the above referenced FoI request and response from DExEU?

2 If your department or your agencies did have a role, what was that role?

3 If your agencies had a role, please specify which agencies were involved?

4 If you or your agencies did have a role, what was the total amount of effort (in person days) expended by civil servants or department/agency-supervised government contractors on all of the studies to which you (or your agencies) contributed?

5 If you or your agencies did have a role, was any of the work subcontracted to external service providers under fixed-price or time/materials terms? If so, please provide details of these contracts including the supplier, the value and the contracting route?

6 Please identify the studies to which you or your agencies contributed?

Thank you for your help.

Yours faithfully,

Shaun Davey

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Dear Shaun Davey,

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