Roadworks at Parkway, Belfast

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Dear Department for Infrastructure (Northern Ireland),

My enquiry relates to ongoing resurfacing work being carried out by Whitemountain on behalf of the Department at the Parkway dual carriageway in Belfast. Works started in the evening of Sunday 6 June, have gone on until two and three in the morning every night since, and are scheduled to continue until 20th June. This is a residential area, with houses on Tillysburn Park, Tillysburn Drive, Garnerville Drive, Garnerville Grove, Garnerville Gardens, Garnerville Park, Finchley Vale, Finchley Park, Cairnburn Avenue, Cairnburn Crescent, The Walled Garden, Strathearn Park, Schomburg Avenue, Schomberg Park, Hawthornden Drive, Hawthornden Gardens, very close to the dual carriageway.

I request all documentation relating to the decision to allow these works to go on past 11pm in a residential area, and in particular what consideration was given to the impact on residents; what consultation was done beforehand; what notice was given to residents beforehand; and what instructions were given to Whitemountain regarding how late at night the works could be carried out.

Yours faithfully,

Patrick Brown

DfI Eastern Secretariat, Department for Infrastructure (Northern Ireland)

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