Road Maintenance - Sherborne Street WEST

J Keymer made this Freedom of Information request to Salford City Council

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Dear Manchester City Council,

Please provide detail of the maintenance and repair schedule for Sherborne Street West, particularly the area around the junction with Dickinson Street. For purposes of clarification, a map can be found here ( showing the Salford City Council boundaries (as defined here - - an as per response to previous FOI request), and I have highlighted in Yellow the area of particular interest. However please extend this request to the WHOLE of Sherborne Street West which is under the control of Salford City Council.

Please include details of any past inspections of this road for damage, the findings of such said inspections (including repairs carried out) within the last 3 months, and the scheduled of future planned inspections. Please provide the number of reports you have received within the last 3 months of any damage on this road, or any claims for motor vehicle where the claimant believes the damage was caused by the conditions of this road.

Yours faithfully,

J Keymer

Dear Salford City Council,

This is a duplicate request - please respond to the other.

Yours faithfully,

J Keymer

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