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Dear Ministry of Defence,

Please can you provide me with the policy/guidance relating to items to PPE issued to RMP NCOs/Officers.

By PPE I mean items used to execute the duties of their office such as stab proof vests, handcuffs and batons.

Yours faithfully,

John Smyth

LF-Sec-E&S1-SO2 (Kent, Heidi Mrs),

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Dear Mr Smyth,

Please see the attached acknowledgement regarding your recent FOI request
on PPE for the RMP.


Heidi Kent

SO2 Land Forces Secretariat (Equipment and Structures)

94393 6101/Smart No 03067701198&Group (MULTIUSER)

All official correspondence to LF-Sec-

LF-Sec-E&S1-SO2 (Kent, Heidi Mrs),

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Dear Mr Smyth,

Please see the attached in response to your recent FOI on PPE issued to
RMP NCOs/Officers.


Heidi Kent |SO2 E&S1| Land Forces Secertariat

IDL 24 |Headquarters Land Forces| Blenheim Building| Floor 2| Marlborough
Lines| ANDOVER, Hampshire| SP11 8HJ

94393 6101| 01264 886101 |