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Risk management

Spencer Gasson made this Freedom of Information request to Lambeth Safeguarding Adults Board

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Dear Lambeth Safeguarding Adults Board,

Under the Freedom of Information Act does the Board consider is it acceptable for someone to refer people asking to get an advocate to help assist them in the process to the team or organisation that was abusing them?

If the person discharges themselves only to be refused by the team and repeatedly visited despite acknowledging I wanted to talk to someone from an organisation or team that had done nothing about side effects or asked about them for two years.

Does the Board consider if that person asks them to withdraw forwarding that enquiry to one of the abusing organisation is it acceptable for them not withdraw it or apologise?

Is the board satisfied that the following are still competent considering their handling of my safeguarding concern and have not got a central safeguarding team member, social worker or police officer to listen to my concerns raised in 2017 and 2018 without having a spoken to Maudsleys safeguarding team
South London and Maudsley, Lambeth Council, Kings College Hospital, Palace Road Surgery, Lambeth CCG and Guys and St Thomas, Metropolitan Police and others

Has Chuka Umunna, CQC, HSE, NHS Improvement etc advised you of my concerns?

As I've now had an insurance claim turned down, is it necessary to drag Lambeth Council through the courts so they fulfill a basic statutory duty?

Will those organisations be suspended from the board or referred to the CQC?

Have any individuals from those organisations declared conflicts of interest based on complaints Ive lodged about their care?

Can you publish the equalities characteristics of safeguarding cases by team they are allocated to and how long it takes to allocate each one to a team?

Has the board been told about potential adult social care cuts at Lambeth and considered them at a meeting?

I've been waiting since last August to talk to someone in the team in this latest effort I deem appropriate for the side effects, why do you allocate it to another?

How can an individual attend a Board meeting or find out if anyone's dealing with my case?

Is it safe for a NHS Trust to compromise PReP and then deliver HIV services or hold people in secure wards or under the Mental Health Act if they have or may get that condition?

Is the board aware that those organisations haven't answered data protection SAR and also freedom of information requests including to help address side effects and to provide social care at Lambeth to help me at least temporarily?

Yours faithfully,

Spencer Gasson

LSABAdmin, Lambeth Safeguarding Adults Board

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Jane Shields, Lambeth Safeguarding Adults Board

Information request
Our reference: IR266968


Request details:  Freedom of Information request - Risk management .
We acknowledge receipt of your request for information that was received
on8 January 2019.

We are dealing with your request and aim to respond within 20 working
days, by 5 February 2019.
Thank you for your interest in Lambeth Council.
Yours sincerely

Debra Naylor
Freedom of Information Team
London Borough of Lambeth
E-mail: [Lambeth Safeguarding Adults Board request email]
website: www.lambeth.gov.uk
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Paul Bird, Lambeth Safeguarding Adults Board

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Information request
Our reference: IR266968


I write in connection with your request for information received on 8th

This request does not ask to access recorded information; instead it asks
for opinion. We therefore do not consider it valid under the Freedom of
Information Act.

Should you wish to ask for your own personal data, please contact
[email address]

Alternatively, if you wish to make a complaint, please contact

[email address]

Yours sincerely

Complaints and Information Officer
Corporate Complaints Unit
London Borough of Lambeth
Team Tel: 020 7926 0547
Website: www.lambeth.gov.uk

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We don't know whether the most recent response to this request contains information or not – if you are Spencer Gasson please sign in and let everyone know.