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Gerald Jones made this Freedom of Information request to Department for Work and Pensions

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The request was partially successful.

Dear Department for Work and Pensions,

In reference to RFP 33 Harrington Recording Pilot v1 Final dated 29th March 2011.

Due to the age of the document (nearly 2 years) please provide the following data that was redacted in the originally released document. If the DWP refuses to do so please ensure that it provides a fully detailed justification by redaction is still appropriate given the age of the information.

- Section 6.3.6 Data retention
- Section 9 Evaluation (I’m not sure if this was redacted or the redaction ink bled through the page. Whatever the reason, section 9.1 to 9.4 cannot be read.
- Section 10 Commercial Pricing Proposals (only in relation to the pilot)
- Project Planning

Section 6.3.6 Data retention includes the following:
“The advice provided by the Department was for the data to be retained for 14 months”
Question: Which section of the DWP supplied this advice?

Section 1.3 includes the following:
“The only purpose of this project is therefore to inform the development of a full solution should the concept be proved viable and not to fully determine the viability of a national roll out. This means that the design of any national rollout would be a separate project, the design of which would likely be the output from this project as an input.”

Question: What other documents have been produced to address the design “of any national rollout”.

Question: Why does the DWP continue to rely upon the output of the recording trial in relation to viability of a national rollout when Section 1.3 expressly states that the trial will not be suitable for that use?

Section 2 includes the following:
In order to ensure the pilot commenced before the end of Q1 the detail processes to be followed and the scripts and client leaflets have already been designed and agreed with the Department.”

Question: Please provide me with copies of the processes (process guide), scripts and leaflets referred to above?

Section 2.2 External Consultation and Section 7.1.5 Engaging with External Representative Groups
Question: Has the DWP or Atos held any discussion with the organisations listed in these sections in relation to the pilot or full roll out of audio recording?

Question: If so, which organisations of those listed have discussions taken place with.

Question: Has the DWP shared the pilot outcomes with any of these organisations as suggested in section 2.2?

Section 4.3 Additional IQAS attributes
Question: What does the DWP consider “Introduces oneself appropriately” to mean in practice?

Section 5 Client
Question: Please provide me with a copy of the “Telephone Script.pdf” referenced in this section?

Section 6.3.2 Clients / JCP and third parties includes the following:
“AH believes the data is property of the Department and therefore AH seeks the views of the Department regarding how this situation would be handled.”
Question: Please supply me with the advice / guidance that the Department provided to AH as referenced above?

Yours faithfully,

Gerald Jones

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Mr Jones,

Please see the attached response to your recent request, along with the documents to which we refer.

Thank you,
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