Reviewing Key Assumptions from the 2012 City Plan

rob shepherd made this Freedom of Information request to Brighton and Hove City Council

This request has been closed to new correspondence from the public body. Contact us if you think it ought be re-opened.

The request was successful.

Dear Brighton and Hove City Council,


In response to the earlier request titled "Is the B&HCC 2012 City Plan still fit for purpose?" you said you had provided the required information and closed the request.

**** The core of the request said

What is the process by which local people and residents' groups can ensure the City Plan recognises changes and evolves to take into account changing circumstances?

(i.e. to ensure it is a "living plan")

***** Your reply was

Under proposed changes to National Planning Policy Framework there is a
requirement for local authorities within five years of adoption to assess whether
the plans are up to date and outline a programme for reviewing plans/ policies
within plans where the council consider them to be out of date/ no longer
comply with government policy.

As part of any review of the City Plan Part 1, the council would then consider
what background information it would require and need to update, such as the
Strategic Transport Assessment, in order to assist with the development of a
new or revised plan.

***** As the plan was adopted in 2016, the response appears to be that NPPF requires it's validity reviewed by 2021, but there is no indication as to when data collection for that review will start or how local people and residents' groups can ensure the review takes account major changes in circumstances.

For example, whether the Strategic Transport Assessment STA needs to be updated would need traffic measurements taken to see if the assumptions about evolving traffic conditions in the City remained valid and possibly engaging consultants to review the STA, a process which might take years and should start in the near future.

Also the reply suggests that no matter how much evidence is produced that the assumptions underpinning the City Plan have proved to be incorrect, there is no mechanism for updating the Plan prior to the statutory review in 2021.

The Freedom of Information Request has been marked as closed although the requested information about how and when local people can ensure it evolves to take into account changing circumstances was not answered.

The council has been informed of this omission from its response, but in the absence of feedback saying this is being acted on a further FoI request is being issued to ensure local residents are fully informed before the City Plan 2 consultation closes.

Some errors in the STA and it's revision that were detected and raised before City Plan adoption, were deemed as inadmissible by the Inspector as they were not raised before deadline dates, so the issue of key dates is important to ensure this does not happen again.

*** Request for Information.

What is the process by which local people and residents' groups can ensure the City Plan recognises changes and evolves to take into account changing circumstances?

(i.e. to ensure it is a "living plan")

For clarity, what is requested is detail on when the various assumptions in the City Plan will be reviewed, including the Strategic Transport Assessment whose assumptions appear not to have stood the test of time, and the procedures, processes and key dates that local residents need to be aware of in order to make sure their input is taken into account when the assumptions are reviewed.

Yours faithfully,

rob shepherd

Freedom Of Information, Brighton and Hove City Council

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