review of visa-free access for Dominica

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Dear Foreign and Commonwealth Office,


In 2010, the UK threatened to impose visa restrictions on holders of passports of the Commonwealth of Dominica (NOT the Dominican Republic).
After a review period had elapsed, no visa restrictions were imposed.


1. Which UK agency and department took the lead in conducting the review?
2. Which other UK agencies and departments were also involved in the review process?
3. Who decided, at what date, that the changes that Dominica undertook during the review period were sufficient to allow continued restriction-free entry to continue?
4. Please provide me with a copy of the document containing this decision.
5. Please provide me with a copy of the full review document, including all annexes.
6. Please provide me with a copy of every document signed by official representatives of the UK and of Dominica during 2010-2011.

Yours faithfully,

Till Bruckner

Foreign and Commonwealth Office

Dear Till Bruckner,

Thank you for your Freedom of Information request. It has been assigned a unique reference number (above) and has been passed to the relevant section within the Foreign and Commonwealth Office to deal with. They will be in touch with you should your request need clarification.

We received your request on 13 January 2016 and will aim to respond within 20 working days, following the date of receipt.

Yours sincerely

FOI and DPA Team
Foreign and Commonwealth Office

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Foreign and Commonwealth Office

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Dear Mr Bruckner,


I attach a response to your FOI request.


Kind regards,



Caribbean, Central America & Mexico Department

Foreign and Commonwealth Office, King Charles Street, London SW1A 2AH

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