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Currently waiting for a response from University of Cambridge, they should respond promptly and normally no later than (details).

Dear Freedom of Information team

I request all recorded information communicated to, from or among the Academic Publishing Committee of the Press Syndicate (or any of its members), since 1 September 2017, concerning the following allegations about the book "Exact Solutions in Three-Dimensional Gravity":

(1) In Chapters 9 and 10 ( and ), wholesale verbatim reuse of material, without acknowledgement, from A. A. Garcia, A. Garcia-Quiroz, M. Cataldo and S. del Campo, "Relationship between (2+1) and (3+1)-Friedmann–Robertson–Walker cosmologies; linear, non-linear, and polytropic state equations", General Relativity and Gravitation 37(4), 685 (2005) ( ).

(2) In Chapter 13 ( ), wholesale verbatim reuse of material, without acknowledgement, from A. A. Garcia-Diaz "Dilaton field minimally coupled to 2+1 gravity; uniqueness of the static Chan-Mann black hole and new dilaton stationary metrics", AIP Conference Proceedings 1577, 220 (2014) ( ).

The above request includes, but is not restricted to, communications concerning any investigative process carried out according to the Committee on Publication Ethics guidelines, such as any delegation of investigation and any final result. The University is advised that I am waiving confidentiality on any concerns about the content of any part of the specific book (but not more general concerns) that I have previously communicated in private to any member of the Academic Publishing Committee in their capacity for providing quality assurance for individual academic books, which may have implications concerning the applicability of Section 41.

Yours faithfully
David Chow

Freedom of Information,

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Dear David Chow,


We are writing to acknowledge receipt of your request for information,
which has been given the reference number FOI 20/12.


This will be responded to no later than November 13^th 2020.  If there is
any delay in your response, we will advise you of the reasons for this as
soon as possible.


Freedom of Information Team

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Dear Freedom of Information Team

Thank you for providing due acknowledgement and the reference.

The University should note that most of the individuals covered by the request are employed by the academic University, rather than specifically by the Press; at a practical level, this means that the corresponding e-mail accounts are not hosted by the Press. Furthermore, the wording of the request specifies its subject matter, but without restricting to official Press business. University legislation (Statute J2) therefore implies that the academic University and the Press should be jointly responsible for handling the request.

Yours faithfully
David Chow