We don't know whether the most recent response to this request contains information or not – if you are Poppy Damon please sign in and let everyone know.

Return Home Interviews (RHIs)

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Dear Torbay Borough Council,

I am writing with a freedom of information request for data relating to the content and outcome of Return Home Interviews (RHIs) provided for runaway or missing children by your authority.

When you respond with confirmation that you have received my request, could you please advise whether any clarification is needed in order to complete my request? Please ensure any questions arrive to me prior to the 20 day deadline.

Yours faithfully,

Poppy Damon

Please can you send over answers to the following:
+ How many recorded instances of missing then returned children did you have in your authority per year between Jan 1st 2014-Jan 1st 2019? If you can provide a per month break down please do.
+How many of these instances were children who had runaway more than once? If possible can you send a break down which shows a numbered list to indicate individual children and a second column with how many times they ran away? This would of course not include their name or any details.
+ A summary of the recorded outcomes or actions taken for all completed Return Home Interviews (for example a safeguarding referral, report to the police or to another service). I would like a breakdown of these for Jan 2014-Jan 2019. Ideally this would be laid out by outcome, beside a number of times this was taken. This would sit along side a number of how many RHIs were carried out in total per year. Excel or PDF formats are fine.
+ How many of these return interviews contained content about child exploitation?
+How many times were the police notified of potential child exploitation, following a RHI?
+ Can you send me the hiring requirements for staff employed in-house to carry out RHIs? If you outsource this service please respond with who does this for you.
+If you do not outsource and complete RHIs yourself - could you please provide the aide memoire/guidelines/checklist that you use when completing Return Home Interviews?

Freedom of Information, Torbay Borough Council

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Dear Ms Damon

Thank you for your request for information, which was received on 4 March
2019. We are currently processing your request and will contact you within
20 working days.


If you have any queries regarding your request, please do not hesitate to
contact us, quoting the reference number above in all communications.


Yours sincerely


Bee Laithwaite

Information Compliance

Torbay Council

Torquay Town Hall

Castle Circus



01803 207177

*: [1][email address]



The Information Compliance Team will aim to acknowledge correspondence
within 3 working days unless a restriction is in place.


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Dear Bee Laithwaite,

I am yet to receive a reply to my FOI sent on 4th March. This is now outside of the statutory limit of time.

Please can you advise when I can expect a response?

Yours sincerely,

Poppy Damon

Freedom of Information, Torbay Borough Council

Dear Ms Damon,

I am sorry you have had a response for your request yet, we have chased the department on your behalf.

Kind regards

Greer Cree
Policy, Performance & Review Support Officer

Torbay Council
Corporate Support
Room FF 276
Town Hall
Tel: 01803 207056

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We don't know whether the most recent response to this request contains information or not – if you are Poppy Damon please sign in and let everyone know.