Retention Area update June 2019

The request was partially successful.

Dear Oil and Gas Authority,

I have seen a copy of your Document "Retention Areas, (updated June 2019)".
In it the comments for Licence PEDL 126 state "submit a planning application for an appraisal well by 31 December 2016, drill a horizontal well by 30 June 2020 and submit Markwells Wood Field Development Plan by 30 June 2021"

Are you aware the this well was abandoned and plugged during the winter of 2018/2019? The site has been restored and tree planting is due to take place in the autumn of 2019? This work was completed well before the date on your updated document.

Please will you confirm that there will be no further attempt to drill at Markwells Wood.

Would you also please explain how an important regulatory authority, such as yourself, issued what I assume is an incorrect statement.

Does the oil company, UKOG, have a legal obligation to inform you that they have abandoned the site and did they do so?

Do you have a legal obligation to supervise the abandonment and plugging of a well to ensure this has been done to safe standard.

Have you carried out any inspection of the work to ensure that all was done correctly?

Yours faithfully,

Ann Stewart

OGA FOI requests,

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Dear Ms Stewart


Please find attached the OGA’s response to your 22 July 2019


Yours sincerely


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