Results for "Slower is Safer, speed limits in Central South-West Birmingham" consultation

Alex Smith made this Freedom of Information request to Birmingham City Council

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The request was successful.

Dear Birmingham City Council,

Please could you supply me with the following information:
a) The aggregated, anonymised feedback that was given by the public to the "Slower is Safer, speed limits in Central South-West Birmingham" public consultation (referred to online at <>);
b) A list of all changes to the proposals for speed limit reductions in the area covered by the consultation that were made as a consequence of the consultation (i.e. the difference between the proposals being consulted on in the above-mentioned consultation, and the newer set of proposals being consulted on in the "20mph Area B2 - Traffic Regulation Order" public consultation, referred to online at <>).

I appreciate that there may be privacy reasons to withhold some of the information submitted by the public (e.g. personally identifying information such as names and email addresses should remain private), but would like the information in the responses to the largest degree legally possible (e.g. even if it's legally impossible to identify individual responses, I would nonetheless like the total number of respondents who chose each option of each multiple-choice question; and even if individual responses to freeform questions cannot be given directly, I would nonetheless still like to be informed of any sentiments which were commonly or widely given as an answer to such a question).

Yours faithfully,

Alex Smith

EconomyFOI, Birmingham City Council

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Dear Mr Alex Smith


Please find attached the response to your recent request for information.

Should you need to contact us again regarding this response could I please
ask you to quote the reference FOI17310 to enable us to locate it on our


Yours sincerely


Business and Customer Support Team

Economy Directorate

Birmingham City Council

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