Response to 2019 Public Health service cut consultation

The request was successful.

Dear East London Health and Care Partnership,

During 2019, the joint City of London & Hackney Public Health service was revisioned, and staff numbers were significantly cut.

I want to understand the stakeholder consultation process which underpinned this.

Please provide:

1. Any records to show whether your organisation was consulted as part of the restructure of the City & Hackney Public Health service in 2019.
2. Copies of all material which was given to you setting out the proposal (including any assessments of risks to health inequalities, to services, or to data protection).
3. Copies of any response your organisation made, and notes of any related meeting minutes, copies of emails or any other documentation.
4. It would also be helpful to know whether:
a. you supported the staff cuts or new service vision
b. you received sufficient information
c. your input was reflected in the final vision and structure of the service

If you are unable for any reason to provide a full response, a partial response would still be appreciated.

Yours faithfully,

Sam Flowers

Foi (NHS NEL CSU), The East London Health and Care Partnership

Dear Sam,

Thank you for your email requesting information below.

I understand that you are requesting the information from the East London Health and Care Partnership. However the Partnership is not a public authority, so is therefore not subject to the FOI Act (‘the Act’) and cannot receive FOI requests. Instead, the partnership is made up of a group of healthcare organisations. You would need to make your request to the membership organisations directly, as they are statutory organisations and comply with the Act.

You can find a list of these organisations on the following link:

Kind regards,
Freedom of Information Team

Lower Marsh, 3rd Floor
London, SE1 7NT

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