Dear Merseyside Police,

Could you tell me the following information

1) The number of dogs in your Dog Unit as of 6 September 2015, 6 September 2016 and 6 September 2017
2) The number of horses in your mounted Unit as of 6 September 2015, 6 September 2016 & 6 September 2017
3) The number of stables available to the Merseyside Police as of 6 September 2015, 6 September 2016 and 6 September 2017; the number of those stables that were in use on dates mentioned above
4) The number of kennels available to the Merseyside Police as of 6 September 2015, 6 September 2016 and 6 September 2017; the number of those kennels that were in use on dates mentioned above

Yours faithfully,
Megan Foster

Freedom Of Information, Merseyside Police

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Freedom Of Information, Merseyside Police

1 Attachment

Dear Ms. Foster,   


Response Letter - FOI Application DJ 2017 - 927 MERPOL (please quote in
all correspondence)


I write in connection with your request for information which was received
by Merseyside Police on 08/09/2017. I note that you seek access to the
following information:


(Paraphrased) Information about the Mounted and Dog Section of Merseyside


Following receipt for your request searches were conducted within the
Merseyside Police to locate information relevant to your request. I can
confirm that the information that you requested is held by Merseyside


To locate the information relevant to your request, searches were
conducted in the MSOC Mounted and Dog Section and Force Media Department

The searches located the records relevant to your request which are on the
attached schedule.


I have today been authorized by the Data Access Supervisor, senior
decision maker in this case, to disclose the located information to you,
as attached. Please find attached above, the response table with


Complaint Rights


Your attention is drawn to the information following this response, which
details your rights review and of complaint.           


Should you have any further inquiries concerning this matter, please write
or e-mail me, at the below address, quoting the reference number above.


Yours faithfully


D Jackson

Disclosure Analyst

Merseyside Police

Data Access Unit (FOI)



Fax: 0151 777 1677

E-mail:  [Merseyside Police request email]


Schedule(s) of disclosed information:   Please see attachment at the top
of the e-mail.



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