Dear Lambeth Borough Council,

Pleaser can you tell me the cost of the financial settlement given to Sean Harriss after his resignation from the Chief Executive post in October.

Thank you

Yours faithfully,

Jason Cobb

Jane Shields, Lambeth Borough Council

Information request
Our reference: IR215798


Request details:  Sean Harriss Settlement .
We acknowledge receipt of your request for information that was received
on9 October 2017.

We are dealing with your request and aim to respond within 20 working
days, by 6 November 2017.
Thank you for your interest in Lambeth Council.
Yours sincerely
Freedom of Information Team
London Borough of Lambeth
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Dear Jane Shields,

Please can you reply to my request. By law I should have received a response by now.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

Jason Cobb

centralteam, Lambeth Borough Council

Dear Mr Cobb


Thank you for your request for information received on 9 October 2017. 
This request is being handled under the Freedom of Information Act 2000. 
 Please find below our response to the information you requested, which


Dear Lambeth Borough Council,


Pleaser can you tell me the cost of the financial settlement given to Sean
Harriss after his resignation from the Chief Executive post in October.


Our Response


The details of remuneration paid to the Chief Executive will be published
in the Council’s Statement of Accounts for 2017/18 in accordance with the
requirements and provisions of the Accounts and Audit Regulations 2015.


We have not provided this specific data relating to your request as we
believe that the following exemption applies: Section 22 (Information
intended for future publication).  


Section 22 of the Freedom of Information Act 2000 states at the time a
public authority receives a request for it, (1) Information is exempt
information if—


(a) the information is held by the public authority with a view to its
publication, by the authority or any other person, at some future date
(whether determined or not),


(b) the information was already held with a view to such publication at
the time when the request for information was made, and


(c) it is reasonable in all the circumstances that the information should
be withheld from disclosure until the date referred to in paragraph (a).



The application of this exemption is subject to a public interest test.   


Public interest test considerations


Factors in favour of disclosure


·         Lambeth Council acknowledges that disclosure would increase
transparency and improve the public’s understanding of this issue.


Factors in favour of maintaining the exemption


·         Allowing the proper running of the organisation in accordance
with established practices and following procedures set down to publish
information held.

·         The timetable properly requires internal or limited
consideration of the information prior to its public release.


The public interest in maintaining the exemption remains as there is a
clear timetable set for the additional information to be published and to
do so any sooner would divert Council resources in officer time and
circumvent the due process for ratification of the information.



Right to Review


If you are dissatisfied with the way in which your Freedom of Information
request has been dealt with you can request an internal review.  Tell us
why you are unhappy with our response within 40 working days, and it will
be looked at afresh. We will aim to provide you with our review response
within 20 working days.


By email: [1][Lambeth Borough Council request email] (Please quote the reference number above)
or by writing to:


Freedom of Information
Olive Morris House Brixton Hill


If you remain dissatisfied with the outcome of the review you have a
further right to appeal to the Information Commissioner, which regulates
the implementation of the Freedom of Information Act.  The Commissioner
can be contacted at the following address:


Information Commissioner’s Office

Wycliffe House

Water Lane





Enquiry line: 0303 123 1113


Website: [2]


Thank you for your interest in Lambeth Council.


Corporate Complaints Unit

London Borough of Lambeth

Finance and Resources Department

Team Tel:  020 7926 0547

Website: [3]



If you have received this in error please delete all content and notify
the sender immediately.




Some of the information that we provide in response to Freedom of
Information Act 2000 requests will be subject to copyright protection. In
most cases the copyright will be owned by Lambeth Council.


Applications for permission to reproduce extracts in published works,
should be made to the Freedom of Information Co-ordinator, Olive Morris
House, 18 Brixton Hill, London, SW2 1RL. Email: [4][Lambeth Borough Council request email]


You are free to use any information supplied for your own non-commercial
research or private study purposes. The information may also be used for
any other purpose allowed by a limitation or exception in copyright law,
such as news reporting.


However, any other type of re-use, for example by publishing the
information in analogue or digital form, including on the internet, will
require the permission of the copyright owner.


The copyright in other information may be owned by another person or
organisation, is indicated on the information itself.  For information
where the copyright is owned by another person or organisation you must
apply to the copyright owner to obtain their permission.


Direct Marketing


If an organisation intends to use personal names and addresses from what
has been supplied to you for direct marketing, the organisation needs to
be registered with the Information Commissioner to process Personal Data
for this purpose. Organisations must also check that the individual (whom
you wish to contact for direct marketing purposes) is not registered with
one of the Preference Services to prevent Direct Marketing, if they are
you must adhere to this Preference. Follow this Link
[] for more information. 

























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