Terence Durrant

Dear Department for Transport,

I am UK born, UK pensioner, UK property owner, contribute to income tax and all other national and local taxes and consider myself a UK resident. As a retiree i like to follow the sun and holiday abroad primarily in France but other EU countries as well, starting and returning to UK on each trip. This is purely on a temporary holiday basis, i do not own or rent a property overseas. I have just been informed by my vehicle insurer that if i spend more than six months outside the Uk, on a cumulative basis, i would be considered non resident and my car insurance would be invalid.
Is the six month qualification a legal requirement and one that is followed by all insurance companies?

Yours faithfully,

Terence Durrant

Department for Transport

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Dear Terence Durrant

Please find attached the response to your correspondence about Residential
requirement for car insurance.

Thank you,

Department for Transport
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5/22 Great Minster House
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