residential dwellings within Strathclyde Country Park

The request was successful.

Amanda Bennett

Dear Sir or Madam,

Can you please confirm whether there are any residential properties within Strathclyde Country Park?

How many residential properties are there in the park?

Is it possible, under current planning rules, to purchase or lease land within Strathclyde Country Park that can be used as a dwelling?

Is the Council aware of the number of "temporary" homes (a type residential settlement) which has been established for a number of years on the park, in land near M&D's theme park?

If the Council is aware of this settlement, is it aware of who owns the dwellings pitched or located there?

What is the Council's view of this settlement?

Do the residents of the settlement pay Council Tax or non-domestic rates?

If the Council was not aware that a number people are living in Strathclyde Country park, what steps will the Council now take to remove those settlers from the park?

Yours faithfully,

Amanda Bennett

Hazarika Sandra, North Lanarkshire Council

Dear Ms Bennett,

I acknowledge receipt of your email which is receiving attention.

I shall contact you again when I am in a position to respond more fully
to your request.

Yours sincerely,

Sandra Hazarika
For Corporate Freedom of Information Officer
North Lanarkshire Council
Civic Centre
Windmillhill Street
(01698) 302232

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Keachie Jacqueline, North Lanarkshire Council

Dear Ms. Bennett,

I refer again to your e-mail dated 5 May 2009 seeking information on
residential dwellings within Strathclyde Country Park.

Having investigated my response to your questions (1) to (8) is as

(1) In planning terms there are no properties within Strathclyde
Country Park classified as purely residential, and existing properties
on the site are ancillary to another specific function or functions.

(2) There are no properties, in planning terms, on the site of
Strathclyde Country Park which are classified as residential.

(3) Strathclyde Country Park lies within the Green Belt, and, as
such, planning permission for dwellings would not be forthcoming; unless
such provision was ancillary to/required for the appropriate function of
the Green Belt location or, in the case of Strathclyde Country Park,
uses related to outdoor recreation.

(4) Planning permission has been granted for, amongst other things,
accommodation chalets for the operators of M & Ds Theme Park.

(5) The properties are related to the operators of M & Ds Theme

(6) You may be aware that the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act
2002 gives the public a right of access to recorded information held by
a public authority such as the Council - with a few tightly prescribed
exemptions - however it gives no right for the provision of views. That
said, however, I am advised that the dwellings are lawful for planning

(7) Occupants are liable for Council Tax and Non Domestic Rates.

(8) Not applicable.

I hope this information is sufficient for your purpose. If, however,
you require further information - or I can assist in any other way -
please let me know.

Yours sincerely,

Jacqueline Keachie
For Corporate Freedom of Information Officer
North Lanarkshire Council
Civic Centre
Windmillhill Street
(01698) 302232

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