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Julian D Kelly

Dear Slough Borough Council,

As a resident on an unadopted road, (Springfield Road SL3 8QJ), I respectfully ask if the lack of funding afforded to the maintenance and depreciated capital cost of the adoption of this road is reflected in a commensurate reduction of the amount of council tax demanded annually in comparison to other similar properties situated on adopted roads within the borough?

I await your reply.

Yours faithfully,

Julian Kelly

FOI, Slough Borough Council

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Ward Jane, Slough Borough Council

This is to acknowledge receipt of your FOI request which is receiving attention

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Ward Jane, Slough Borough Council

Mr Kelly

I have made enquiries and I have been informed that there is no Council tax reduction for living fronting a private street and the Council has no obligation to maintain a private street.

Regards, Jane Ward

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Julian D Kelly

Dear Ward Jane,

Might it not be in the council's interest, given that council vehicles routinely use our road to consider a contribution to the planned installation by the residents of a semi-permanent road surface in Springfield Road SL3. Successive councilors have made promises about adopting the road, promises that have been reneged upon each time.

The latest reason for not adopting the road was cost, a figure in excess of £600,000 to achieve. The fact that a cost analysis was undertaken, leads me to believe that the council are interested in trying to help us 'forgotten' citizens of Springfield Road. Our plan, to provide a single track concreted route up the road will cost c. £25,000. Given that this road will be used by council vehicles in the undertaking of council business and services, we appeal to the council to make a contribution to its cost on a no - obligation, altruistic basis. Can the council please review its position on this matter given the strength of feeling among the council tax payers of Springfield Road SL3

Yours sincerely,

Julian D Kelly

Ward Jane, Slough Borough Council

Mr Kelly

Thank-you for your email. I am copying in Alex Deans who is our officer responsible for road adoptions but your email will not be dealt with as a Freedom of Information request as it is not an FOI.

Regards Jane Ward

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Deans Alexander, Slough Borough Council

Dear Mr Kelly,

There are several private streets within the borough of which Springfield Road is one. The Council's highways maintenance budget, which is subject to the Government's austerity measures, is for maintaining roads that are adopted. The definition of adopted is maintainable at the public expense.

The Highway Authority neither have a budget nor the authority to authorise maintenance works on a private street. Several Councillors have enquired about works to private streets within the borough; and I would suggest this is the best line of enquiry for you to pursue; because to assign Council funding to maintain a private street would require the political will and funding being made available.

Your figure of £650K to bring the road to an adoptable standard seems high. An estimate was done in 2008 which was around £400K however that was a crude calculation at the time.

There are many private roads and forecourts that are accessed by Council refuse vehicles that are not adopted (maintained) by the Council. The owners of properties that front private streets, roads forecourts, and communal private parking should be notified during the property purchase procedure by their respective solicitors that this is the case.

Sorry I am not able to be more helpful.


Alex J Deans
Head of Highways Engineering
Slough Borough Council
St Martins Place (GF West), 51 Bath Road, Slough, SL1 3UF
Tel: 01753 87 5633

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