Dear Lewisham Homes,

Can I request, under FOI, the following information:

1. Where can I obtain the last Resident Scrutiny Committee report on Anti Social Behaviour?
If it not readily available, then I request the information in an electronic format.

2. I would like to know the following information for the year 2017/18

a. How many cases of anti-social behaviour and neighbour nuisance were reported to Lewisham Homes?

b. How many tenants actually had lost their tenancies (i.e were evicted) as result of anti-social behaviour? Please exclude those convicted on the grounds of non-payment of rent.

c. How many tenants were issued with Criminal Behaviour Orders (the replacement for ASBOs) as result of legal action by Lewisham Homes?

d. How times in 2015 and 2016 did Lewisham Homes invoke in court their increased rights for absolute grounds for possession under Anti-Social Behaviour Crime and Policing Act 2014 Part to cancel tenancies for those convicted of crimes?

e. How many tenants have been evicted for noise nuisance solely?

Yours faithfully,

Ian Richardson

Customer Relations Team, Lewisham Homes

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Lewisham Homes - Freedom of Information request

Our Reference: 805733
Due date: 23 July 2017

Freedom of Information Act 2000

Dear Mr Richardson

Thank you for your email.

Apologies for the delay in sending this acknowledgement email.

Your request is being considered and you will receive a response within the statutory timescale of 20 working-days, subject to the application of any exemptions. Where consideration is being given to exemptions the 20 working-day timescale may be extended to a period considered reasonable depending on the nature and circumstances of your request. In such cases you will be notified and, where possible, a revised time-scale will be indicated. In all cases we shall attempt to deal with your request at the earliest opportunity.

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Jana Blahova

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Dear Customer Relations Team,
Please not there was an error in my original request.

Section d, which says
"How times in 2015 and 2016 did Lewisham Homes invoke in court their increased rights for absolute grounds for possession under Anti-Social Behaviour Crime and Policing Act 2014 Part to cancel tenancies for those convicted of crimes? "

Should have referred to the year 2017/18 and not 2015/16.

My apologies and I'm aware that may delay the response.

Yours sincerely,

Ian Richardson

Customer Relations Team, Lewisham Homes

Dear Mr Richardson

Thank you for your corrected request.

I have notified our Housing Management Team who are gathering the information.

If we will require more time to answer your FOI request, I will let you know.

Kind Regards

Jana Blahova

Senior Customer Relations Officer
T: 0800 028 2028

Old Town Hall, Catford Road, London SE6 4RU

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Customer Relations Team, Lewisham Homes

4 Attachments

Dear Mr Richardson


Further to our email of 10 July, please find a full response to your
request in the attached documents.





Michelle Hinds

Customer Relations Team


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Jonathan Pix,

Dear Mr. Richardson,
Have you had concerns about LH dealing with noise complaints?
Please get in touch.
J Pix

Dear Jonathan Pix,

Over a period of nearly eight years I had many, many issues with one tenant - however for the last couple of years that has been quiescent with only occasional nasty flare-ups that I've not even bothered to report. Not since a Housing Officer dealing with my last complaint told me 'it doesn't matter what's proven, we are never going to evict him'.

So am not currently pursuing an active personal issue.

However, I am Admin for the largest online community group in Lewisham with nearly 15,000 members
and an active member of a smaller local site for Telegraph Hill that has nearly 5,500 members.

Both sites have regular and widespread discussions around the ineffectiveness of Lewisham Homes and Lewisham Council on ASB issues, especially that there are now effectively no remedies at all and actual evictions or legal action is virtually non-existent.

Therefore I monitor it somewhat, as no one else seems be doing that, and report back to those community sites.

Unfortunately Lewisham Homes do not publish any performance statistics or key indicators relating to outcomes of ASB complaints. Nor do they seek the agreement of complainants that a case has been successfully resolved before closing it. Which calls into question the effectiveness of the actions that ARE taken.

That's an issue that, out of community concern, I will try to continue to monitor and seek improvement on.

The last response from LH contained what I think is a grievous factual error,

"...In accordance with the Anti-Social Behaviour Crime and Policing Act 2014, only the Local Authority and Police have the power to pursue a Criminal Behaviour Order.
Lewisham Homes is an Arms-Length Management Organisation, and does not have permission to
pursue such an order. “

According to the legislation, any social landlord can seke CBOs, and historically other ALMOs since 2009 have successfully sought and obtained those orders.
If Lewisham Homes are incorrect on their interpretation of the law, then they are missing out on one of the most effective ASB management tools available to them.

Cllr Paul Bell is currently seeking clarification on that and I believe has already contacted you.

However, I appreciate your response and follow up.

Yours sincerely,

Ian Richardson

Jonathan Pix,

Dear Ian,
Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. I wish I never had experience of
the Orwellian world of LH they are beyond not fit for purpose. I copied
some of my email to my solicitor below hence the change of font to save
time. Have you experienced stuff like this?
I have lived happily in the basement of an old Victorian house chopped
into four flats for 10 years - the only LH tenanted one being the one
above me, the rest freehold amd occupied by owners. The old lady above me
died a year and half now and then LH clearup team arrived (it has a
strange name the team that turn over and repair the tenanted flats) took
up all the carpets and underlay and made hellish levels of noise. Like
they were in the same room as me plus building racket.
Then the new tenants arrived, mum and two teenagers and dog. The following
noise abuse in the flat above is very, very severe. Violent stamping every
time anyone moves around upstairs, its unending plus relentless dog
scuttling noises all two feet above my head. There is no escape from this
in any room it is very loud.
I asked them to instal soundproof flooring, which they wouldn't do, they
said they hand over new flat empty i.e. no carpets and underlay. I asked
LH if they would require new tenants to instal carpet and underlay, as a
reasonable step to mitigate effects of heavy stomping and dog scuttling
noises. They couldn't do that. I said your the landlord you can do that -
no said they, its a standard contract. They had prior warning of all this
before tenants moved in as their workmen had caused so much noise after
carpets were taken up.
I made a complaint against LH ASB. Then the wierdness started.
I started to receive complaints from LH ASB about me.
It soon became apparent that the tenants above had made a
counter-complaint against me and that this was the only complaint LH were
interested in investigating.  I had knocked on the ceiling four times when
driven insance with the cacophony and spoken to them several times about
keeping the noise down but to no avail. They woudn't even come inside to
hear first hand for themselves the nosie they were making. There is also
no comparison whatsoever between the daily bombardment made by the tenants
above and me knocking four times in response to it.

They visited my home, never when the noise was happening, nor were their
hours fitting in with when the noise happened most. I got a solicitor
involved, a very expensive excercise and he didn't seem to know how to
deal with this beyond charhing vast fees.

At Lewisham Homes however they produced some quite astonishing statements
and lies followed my solictors letter.

LH claimed that I had never given them diary sheets as requested but I
showed extremely detailed diary logs! Shaney Stevenson, the person who
wrote the Lewisham Homes reply letter to my solicitor visited my flat
showed no interest in looking at them at all,  giving them a cursory
glance of no more than three seconds. I asked her if she wished to have
photocopies of them and she said no then later claimed I had never
provided them.

They also shamelessly lied about conversations that I had had with them.
They said that I had asked them to mimic a dog by getting on all fours!
They well know that is not what I said and deliberately misrepresenting a
conversation. I asked them how they were to mimic the sound of the dog as
presumably the tenants above would remove it when a combined visit was
arranged. I said to them 'I'm not suggesting that you get on all fours and
bark like a dog but how would you mimic the sound of the dog' She then
pointed to her colleagues heavy boots and suggested he would stamp on the
floor above and that would be enough. They were laughing and we were
joking about this test.  They never carried out this test as the neighbour
above was not there nor did they arrange a time to return and carry out
this simple test  - instead they chose to lie in the reply letter to my

There very own website and established procedures, which they have not
followed,  required them to hear 'at first hand' the noise nuisance i.e.
they must be present when it is happening. They haven't done this. If we
went to court we would be able to enquire why they made no arrangement to
hear the disturbances at first hand as they are required to do.

In a telephone conversation with the tenants above LH said to me that the
occupant of the flat above has installed carpet of their own volition
throughout, which they clearly haven't as the very loud scuttling sound of
Fido would have changed, it hasn't. What the tenants have installed is a
hard tile floor in the hallway where most of the noise as I heard them
installing it and setting the tiles. The tenants have no intention of
installing carpets because they said that they like the look of the

They have installed some carpets in some rooms but 'rug style' without
underlay as cats and dogs can still be heard scuttling everywhere round
the edges. If they view this as sufficient, how would they test this if
they have never heard the sound below either before its installation of
after its installation. The grotesque sound intrusion continues.

To this day LH have never heard the problem sound bombardment first hand
as they are required to do.
LH then issued a Tort notice against me claiming I had been harassing my
neighbours. I am at my wits end. Have any of your followers had similar
problems? Or do you know a solicitor experinced in specifically noise
related issues? Your help woul dbe gratefully received.
Best wishes
Jonathan Pix

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