Requesting Local Water Authority's knowledge of proposals for a sewerage works

Diana Smith made this Environmental Information Regulations request to Anglian Water Services Limited
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The request was partially successful.

Dear Anglian Water Services Limited,
under the freedom of information act l request to be supplied with all information / records and meta data on the subject of there being a mains sewerage works proposed for the village of Theddlethorpe St Helens at the side of the village of the junction of Rotten Row & Mill Road that Stuart Davies of East Lindsey District Council states ELDC has no record of and advises yourselves as being the best placed agency to answer such a request.
Located are the archive records from local papers recording plans for the building of such a sewerage works ,

Yours faithfully,

Diana Smith

EIR, Anglian Water Services Limited

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Good Afternoon Diana,


We’ve been in touch with the local water recycling managers and our Growth
& Planning team, and can find no record of a proposed sewerage works for
Theddlethorpe St Helens.


There are no known plans for a building of such a works.


Kind Regards


Environmental Information Requests




Dear EIR,
thank you for your reply.
I should explain l have been trying for some considerable time to access further information regarding the council here announcing in the press the outline plans for the sewerage works my FOIA request to you is about.
There has been substantial skulduggery in play with organised orcastration of many parties relating to stolen documents, and these documents being in fact my own legal property.
I have the president of agreement from the head of The Economic Crime Unit and Elizabeth Derrington of The Independent Complaints Review that no one should have had my own conveyance document, a document l was told in 2004 had been destroyed in an archive fire at my conveyance solicitors and that l then subsequently caught Land Registry's Corporate Lawyer (Mike Westcott-Rudd) with on the 3 rd June 2011 at the offices of Peterborough Land Registry.
The further theft and holding of a covenant document belonging legally to me , was witnessed in person by me , in the hands of someone who then ignored a judge going on record refusing it's use for putting a restriction on my home / title, with Land Registry only to happy to comply with such a restriction.
I was directed by Stuart Davies CEO at East Lindsey District Council to approach yourselves for any information regarding the proposed sewerage works as they state they hold no information regarding it.
Nonetheless it appears based on the information of this proposed sewerage works and it's position with the timeline of the 1960's has l perceived created property / land thefts by at least five parties , using my own information.
The amounts of monies involved for the litigation l have been needlessly forced into by Kingston upon Hull Land Registry's actions , requires my seeking deeper into the cause of the profound interest in the ear-marking of the land involved with my home, that ELDC maps also published in local paper , always had the ELDC Badge conveniently hiding the aforesaid piece of land.
Other obvious signs are contained in further documents l hold and an Architect came forward and provided his file showing obvious lying on a planning application in 1991, which l believe was an attempt to raise the value of the land these criminal persons were prepared to go to any lengths and commit obvious perjury in the courts to obtain.
If your position really is that there is no record for the FOIA request l am making , please can l respectfully ask your indulgence in contacting Stuart Davies of ELDC in an effort to combine extra efforts on the part of both of you to assist me in this rather distressing matter and the overall effects it is having on me and my home / title?
Would it be more agreeable for me to request an internal review to bring about the further investigation l require?

Yours sincerely,

Diana Smith

EIR, Anglian Water Services Limited

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Good Afternoon Diana,


Thank you for your request for information about our knowledge of
proposals for a sewerage works, which we received on 06/10/17. Your
request has been considered under the Environmental Information
Regulations 2004.


We can inform you we have no mains sewerage works planned for
Theddlethorpe St Helen.  We have a small package plant works in the area
on Mill Rd (pictured below) which serve a small housing estate, and there
are no plans to expand this site.





If you are unhappy with the service you have received in relation to your
request and wish to request an internal review, you should write to:

Legal Director

Lancaster House

Lancaster Way

Ermine Business Park


PE29 6YJ


If you are not content with the outcome of the internal review, you have
the right to apply directly to the Information Commissioner for a
decision. The Information Commissioner can be contacted at:

Information Commissioner's Office, Wycliffe House, Water Lane, Wilmslow,
Cheshire SK9 5AF.

Kind Regards


Environmental Information Requests


Dear EIR,
I remain unsatisfied with the response to my FOIA request and by law request an internal review of that request,

Yours sincerely,

Diana Smith

Diana Smith left an annotation ()

Both East Lindsey District Council and Anglian Water appear to be acting tight lipped on a subject that was publicised in newspapers and involves land at this side of the village. I refer to Michael Joseph's ( Author and Solicitor) books - "Conveyancing Fraud & Lawyers Can Seriously Damage Your Health". The subject of providers of services involvement in depriving lawful owners of valuable property and land, acting in unison to do so. OFCOM inform me ELDC would know well the problems being experienced by me with the address issues. Asking ELDC since October 2007 ,DPA(SAR) , to date has not provided the needed information. All ELDC maps of this side of the village published in archive newspapers have the ELDC Badge , blocking the piece of the land that forms the means to access the two fields involved. The "access" together with another similar strip running next to it, cannot be seen and the other piece of land should have been sold under the terms of a bankruptcy order to pay the dept's of the person's these orders where placed on. Instead someone has benefited to own this other piece of land and ELDC have allowed building on it. ELDC failed to notify the known owner of the adjoining land ( l passed letter from the owner in person to the head of planning David Lovejoy at ELDC in January 2011). While l have had success recording the correct address of my "property / home ", with my MP/ a Minister / Bank / Financial Services Ombudsman- there is a shortfall of anything passing reasonable with ELDC, as they wish to lump two villages under just one name of "Theddlethorpe" to hide the use of postcodes together with Kingston upon Hull Land Registry in actions to deprive "lawful / recorded "owners of "property / land". Two historical massive maps at Lincoln Archives , dated 1851, that predate the existence of Land Registry, of Theddlethorpe St Helen & Theddlethorpe All Saints ( also know previously as Theddlethorpe St Marys), show my "property / home" as being on both maps and in both villages. Inclosure Awards ( Enclosure Awards) for the two villages are missing . Add to this the fact Land Registry lost access to their own recorded data in 1994 and you have the scenario of what is a National problem that although l flagged this up with the European Courts and on their written advice , my own MP ( Sir Peter Tapsell) , l was ignored and my MP did nothing. I requested on three occasion in writing to my MP for "a redress of grievance petition", to enable the subject to be brought up in Parliament. I even attended my MP's surgery and handed him a copy of my request ,with the relevant wording underlined in red pen, with a witness present. The Adjudication of The Advertising Standards Authority dated 25 th July 2007 against Land Registry literature, revealed that Land Registry do not have to notify purchaser's in the UK ( England & Wales) of problems known as "over-riding interests". The media were informed by the ASA and never published anything on the subject . The only conclusions l can draw is that there has been a negligence of unquantifiable proportions or a greatly complicated fraud enacted for financial enrichment , that has relied for the main part on misinforming the UK Public to get such matters under the wire by stealth and in fact openly breach The Human Rights Act that states no one can be deprived of property / land , without receiving payment for it.

Hughes Andrea, Anglian Water Services Limited

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Good afternoon Diana


Please find attached from Claire Russell.


Kind regards




Andrea Hughes

PA to Director of Wholesale Services & Group Legal Director


Anglian Water Services Limited

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