Request with regulars to sea Corp and the church of Jesus Christ and lattter day saints (The international association of Scientology )

This request has been withdrawn by the person who made it. There may be an explanation in the correspondence below.

Dear Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government,

Hello I am an abuse victim of racial and social biology and race distinction acts .

I recently was placed in housing in Thetford in Norfolk which has a high population of persons living within commune legislation . Information on this is difficult to achieve despite its social redundancy and valor with regard to social and racial biology ,license offences and acts against the manifestation of identity ,selfishness ,nuisance acts to the country on the basis of the countries perception and purposes .

The Commune legislation likely outlines anarchy non conformity , and destruction of the purposes of justice and humanity .

The acts I am aware of effect my home happiness ,association politics ,individuality and freedom . The human rights act and the war convention are the most central documents in the world from which all laws are drawn on perception behavior ,individuality ,identity ,distinction ,intuition ,the manifestation of identity and human decision making based on the those facts neutrally . The United Nations has provided a clear language for the human family to understand whatever their distinctions . The types of offences stem from trespasses which intend to undermine those rules for marital social and other advantageous ness of other peoples at consumer and other cost and undermines the purposes of business licenses the law and the very basis of decision making on individual human association .

I am interested in ascertaining the percentage of persons under commune type legislation or its synonym in Thetford ,Dereham and Watson being the entire commerce localities within Breckland . Exhausting each as a practice and having acceptance or intending to do so reflects on the motives and reputation of such “extravert” peoples .

In renting what has to be considered is intuition ,and all distinct factors and dangers including predators constants are tangible and all people bare identity in and of the experience of selves of which is a basis of decision making . If someone were calis and portrayed usury ,defamation and several proximities to a tenancy which provided social status and made advantageous the marital social and other politics of such peoples as an agreement and then tried to befriend or communicate superficially then such persons should me ordered distance not to have social status through criminal or National evil .

Summery request

Percentage of persons under commune type legislation with anarchy ,non conformity or other agreements such as sharing responsibility .

Yours Faithfully

Alexander Dobre

Dear Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government,

I am withdrawing the request because it is my position that the request must be re addressed with more clarity and with clear language which the ministry of defense would be able to respond to . For example , I must likely provide that the information is necessary for me to enjoy my home , pursue any order which would enforce redundant human understanding expressed by the United Nations in the early 1990s. Additionally the language in which the request is drawn must be clear enough for the ministry of defense to respond without misunderstanding and issue a response which would assist me in obtaining redundant consumer ,civil , and other relief allowed to English and other peoples .

Request withdrawn with one correction where referring to “with regards to Sea Corp there is a hacked typo which reads incorrectly regulars” ..It is with regards or in reference to Sea Corp or a delinquent branch of the international association of Scientology

Yours faithfully,

A Dobre