Request Information regarding Council Vehicle Fleet

The request was successful.

Dear Warwick District Council,

I'd be grateful if you can provide me with the following information under the Freedom of Information Act 2000.

1. A list of vehicles owned or leased to the council. Please include; registration mark, fleet number (if used), make & model and body type.

2. Identify which vehicles are owned and which are leased.

3. Name, position and email address of the staff responsible for these vehicles.

4. The estimated amount of spend (£) on diesel/petrol per annum and the cost split between owned and leased vehicles.

I trust all is in order and thank you in advance for your help.

Yours faithfully,

Leigh Everington

Information, Warwick District Council

Dear Leigh Everington

Thank you for your request for information which I acknowledge was received by the District Council on 23 January 2020.

Your request is currently being considered. If the District Council is able to provide you with the information you have requested, then under the Freedom of Information Act you are entitled to receive it within 20 working days.

For your information, the FOI Act defines a number of exemptions which may prevent release of some or all of the information you have requested.  The District Council will assess your information request in light of the exemptions. If exemptions do apply, then the District Council may decide not to release all, or part, of the information you have requested. You will be informed if this is the case.

If the information you request contains reference to a third party then they may be consulted prior to a decision being taken by the District Council as to whether to release the information to you. You will be kept informed if this is the case.

The District Council will not charge a fee to provide you with the information you have requested, provided the cost of dealing with your request is less than £450. If it appears likely that your request will cost more than £450 to deal with then I will write to you again asking if you are willing to pay the fees incurred, and setting out clearly what those fees will be, in accordance with the FOI Act.

If you have any queries or should you wish to make a complaint about the manner in which your request is being dealt with then please do not hesitate to contact me at the above address in the first instance. Any complaints will be dealt with under the Council’s corporate complaints procedure.

Further information about your rights under the Freedom of Information Act, is available from the Information Commissioner’s Office (0303 123 1113) or on their website, and on the District Council’s website.

Kind regards

Matthew Kinsey
Corporate Support Assistant
Chief Executive’s Office

Corporate Support Team
Warwick District Council
Riverside House
Milverton Hill
Royal Leamington Spa
CV32 5HZ

Telephone 01926 456123


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Graham Leach, Warwick District Council

Dear Leigh,

Thank you for your request for information to Warwick District Council.

Warwick District Council publishes data regarding its vehicles online each quarter at the web page below:

The Council is not obliged to create data and therefore we have not answered question 4 but you will be able to answer this from the data contained in the file above.


Graham Leach
Democratic Services Manager and
Deputy Monitoring Officer
Democratic Services, Warwick District Council, Riverside House,
Milverton Hill, Royal Leamington Spa, CV32 5HZ
Tel: 01926 456114
*Please do not print this email unless you really need to.

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