Request for techical specification of Hampstead Road Bridge in CFA1 for comparison and Petitioning purposes

Fran Heron made this Freedom of Information request to High Speed Two (HS2) Limited

This request has been closed to new correspondence from the public body. Contact us if you think it ought be re-opened.

The request was partially successful.

Dear High Speed Two (HS2) Limited,
Members of the Euston Community Residents Group and Ampthill Square Tenants and Residents Association have been seeking information with regard to various iterations of Hampstead Road Bridge for some months. We were given an assurance that the information would have been provided some time ago but this has not been provided despite numerous requests. At the last ECRG meeting in September the final Action Tracker provided relating to the August meeting stated the information we had requested would be contained in the AP3 Additional Provisions documents and not through the engagement process as previously stated.
We write seeking written clarification of technical questions relating to plans for Hampstead Road Bridge (HRB) to inform our petitions to the HS2 Select Committee.

In order to assess and compare various iterations, please supply the following details where -
(A) equates to the dimensions of the existing HRB
(B) equates to the design of HRB contained in the Hybrid Bill, and
(C) equates to the design of HRB contained in the AP3 :
• Span of bridges A, B and C
• Height from track to underside of bridges of A, B and C
• Height of roadway above track in bridges A, B and C
• Height of parapet/superstructure of bridges A, B and C
• Number of columns supporting bridges in A, B and C
• Width of bridges A, B and C
• Depth of beam supporting bridge C
• Clearance above rolling stock in bridges A, B and C
• Cross-section of bridges A, B and C at same scale with railway cutting and nearby building indicated to provide sense of scale in relation to locality
• Total number of tracks under existing bridge A
• Total number of tracks under bridges B and C
• What utility services are carried by the existing HRB
• Please indicate which tracks will comply with the requirement of the EU’s standards of interoperability.
• For those tracks servicing high speed lines exclusively but which are to be constructed to meet EU interoperability requirements, please indicate on the sections the gauge requirements of
(i) EU interoperable trains, and
(ii) BR W10 gauge (with OLE clearances)

Yours faithfully,

Frances M Heron

HS2Enquiries, High Speed Two (HS2) Limited

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Dear Ms Heron


Thank you for your email to HS2 Ltd.  We are considering your request
under the Environmental Information Regulations 2004 and aim to reply no
later than 29 October 2015.


Your reference number for the request is FOI15-1404.


Kind regards


Piri Norris | Freedom of Information Adviser | HS2 Ltd 

Tel: 020 7944 4908 | [1][email address] | [2]Facebook | [3]Twitter
| [4]LinkedIn
High Speed Two (HS2) Limited, 19th Floor, One Canada Square, Canary Wharf,
London E14 5AB | [5]


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Dear HS2Enquiries,


I submitted the above FOI request to you seeking technical information about the Hampstead Road Bridge in CF1 in order to prepare for petitioning (deadline already gone) and in order to prepare for my evidence to the HS2 Select Committee which we have been advised may take place before Christmas.

I believe the requisite time for responses has now expired and I have had no communication from you.

Please can you advise me by return the reason for the delay and when I will receive this information.

Yours sincerely,

Fran Heron

Piri Norris, High Speed Two (HS2) Limited

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Dear Ms Heron


Unfortunately the response to your request was sent to your private email
address in error. Please now find attached our response to your request
for information – our ref. FOI15-1404.


Kind regards,


Piri Norris (Mr.) |  Freedom of Information Adviser  |  HS2 Ltd 

Tel  |  0207 944 5978  |  Email  |  [1][email address] |
[2]Facebook | [3]Twitter | [4]LinkedIn


High Speed Two (HS2) Limited, 18^th Floor, One Canada Square, London, E14
5AB | [5]





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