Request For Staff/Administrator Rankings and Merit Experience And Expertise Organisational Structure for the Independent Monitoring Board

AB made this Freedom of Information request to Independent Monitoring Board (Northern Ireland)

This request has been closed to new correspondence from the public body. Contact us if you think it ought be re-opened.

Waiting for an internal review by Independent Monitoring Board (Northern Ireland) of their handling of this request.

Request For Staff/Administrator Rankings and Merit Experience And Expertise Organisational Structure for the Independent Monitoring Board

Dear Independent Monitoring Board,

I sincerely hope that, before rebutting any of the below
articulated requests for information, you will seriously consider
them in the light of public-interest (which may override an
excessively bureaucratic tendency to deny information).

Below follows a partial rendition of requests for
information concerning, in particular, the organisational layout, level of authority and contact details of those who are members of the 'Independent Monitoring Board' within UK Prisons. At the very least, one would expect that the information I am requesting be placed within UK Prisons, with posters for each site AND (potentially) that such information be kept within a location outside due to the fact that families or acquaintances of those who find themselves within prisons (by chance, or by deliberately willed lawlessness, or by virtue of the fact that they are not members of the Status-quo). Below follow some points. It is understood that there may be security issues (however, when reading the below request, I am sure you will consider a 'middle way' solution to any problems that arise with honouring my information request). Further, it is clear that a 'balance of probabilities' test clearly applies to any notion of perceived dangers or risks that you think that there could conceivably be in honouring my Freedom of Information request.

1) I am making a formal and legal Freedom of Information request
via the website. There is a time limit to
your response to this request for information.

2) Clearly, the necessity and importance of this information (in the preferable format of posters) shows that it is not an undue or facetious request for information. In particular, the knowledge of parents, family members and close friends concerning the status of prisoners mean that this request for information is not excessive in the administrative burden that it places. Thus, the expense incurred, and the administrative weight associated with honouring this request is not excessive (notwithstanding the fact that different people have different notions of what constitutes excessive administrative workload).

3) I will initially be satisfied with some information that is provided for a limited Geographical scope, but it makes sense that this information should be available for the whole of the UK region for the reasons stated in the introductory paragraph (ie: as family members in prison will not know who to contact should they wish to communicate with those in prison, or if non-trivial issues should arise in their doing). At any rate, this information is necessary, and (at least for individual prisons) this information ought to be present at an accessible locality (within each Wing of a prison) so that prisoners can view the relevant information and know how to contact IMB members. For the outside world, such posters (which ought to be online) should indicate methods of contact for IMB members and hopefully be available online.

4) The essence of this request is that there should be an
ORGANISATIONAL CHART that makes it easy for the average member of
the public (such as me) to determine which IMB Members
have which level of meritocratic rank/experience etc... (notwithstanding the issue of standardisation) within their geographical region (though
this would be susceptible to the postcode lottery phenomenon*).
Further, there should ALSO be a readily importable file format
indicating the above information (such as a .csv comma
separable/separated variable file or a .xls excel file or .ods Open
Office Spreadsheet file) which provides an open-source equivalent
of the above information. The types of information within the Organisational Chart ought to include, email address of contact (where feasible), contact phone/fax number, Name, a photo or picture (or, if this cannot be provided, a physical description which would presumably be useful to families so that they might better know Who they have contacted in their endeavours to speak to imprisoned family members), some indicationg of organisational rank, some indication of qualifications or background experience, and an indication of who, within the organisation, one should contact in order to direct complaints.

6) I hope that the CPS-IMB complex will be able to provide this information as quickly as they find ways of imprisoning people (ie: hopefully the importance of this information will precipitate a speedy response to the information request). It is noted that the wheels of justice move slowly, so it would be good if this FOI request is acted upon quickly.

7) I would like to reserve the right to add additional aspects to this FOI request so that requests for further amounts of information can be integrated into this one (such an arrangement would be mutually beneficial as it would mean that you do no have to satisfy a separate information request). However, if you state that this is not possible, I will be satisfied to add the additional requests for information via another materially different FOI request.

There are arguments that this information should already be
available. This information is not currently available as far as
I'm aware (I have searched for .

Yours faithfully,

Best wishes, AB
PS – I repeat there may be more FOI requests in the pipeline

Dear Independent Monitoring Board (Northern Ireland),

Please pass this on to the person who conducts Freedom of Information reviews.

I am writing to request an internal review of Independent Monitoring Board (Northern Ireland)'s handling of my FOI request 'Request For Staff/Administrator Rankings and Merit Experience And Expertise Organisational Structure for the Independent Monitoring Board'.

I would settle for a *reasonable* partial response to my request. In particular, getting statistics or an organisational representation of how many IMB members there are for each prison/detaining-authority (civilian & military) would provide some of the information that an organisational chart would provide.

A full history of my FOI request and all correspondence is available on the Internet at this address:

Yours faithfully,