Request for information on recent cleaning tender

The request was refused by Royal Air Force Museum.

Dear Royal Air Force Museum,

Please could you provide a copy of the winning SQ submission/submissions for the recent tender for cleaning services at the RAF museums in Hendon and Cosworth.

The information about the Tender I am referring to can be found here:

Please note I do not wish to see any details of costing or commercially sensitive information

Yours faithfully,


Ajay Srivastava, Royal Air Force Museum

Dear Mr Kewin,

Legislation stipulates that as we are still within the tender process a FOI request cannot be submitted or responded to. For info, we anticipate that the award will be made on 19th Feb.

However although a FOI request cannot be considered at the moment, we can provide a detailed debrief on your submission. This would include how your answers compared to the successful suppliers overall. It would give you an in-depth understanding of the evaluation process and information required to be successful

If you would like me to arrange the above feedback session please let me know and I will set one up accordingly.


Ajay Srivastava KNAP MCIPR
Public Relations Manager
Royal Air Force Museum London

T: 020 8358 6410
M: 07968 545 595
E: [email address]

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