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simon smith made this Freedom of Information request to Wiltshire Council

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Dear Wiltshire Council,

I request the following information under the Freedom of
Information Act 2000 about Business Rates Accounts held by your
• Account Name
• Account Start Date
• Billing Authority Reference
• Current 2010 List Rateable Value
• Details of any reliefs where applied, including a further
breakdown if possible of:
o Type of relief applied
o Date the relief was applied
o Value of the relief
• Full Address of the rated assessment
• Billing Address
• Occupied/Empty Status
• Description
I am aware that the Account Name may be considered personal in some
instances so I ask that in these cases you supply the rest of the
information provided with the Account name redacted.


Yours faithfully,

simon smith

Butler, Sarah, Wiltshire Council

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Dear Mr. Smith,
Request for Information – reference RFI - ENQ05336-REQ001
Thank you for your request for information received on Wednesday, 20 April
Your request is being considered and if the information is held you will
receive the information requested within the statutory timescale of 20
working days of receipt of your request as defined by the Freedom of
Information Act 2000 and Environmental Information Regulations 2004.
You may be contacted during that time if the request needs to be
clarified; this is to ensure that we provide you with the information you
Please note that some information you have requested may not be provided
to you; this will only be information that can be withheld by law. If we
find it necessary to withhold any information we will explain our reasons
for doing so at the same time as we provide you with your copy of any
information that can be released to you.
If you would like to contact the team about this request please use the
e-mail address [1][Wiltshire Council request email]
Corporate Information Team
Governance Service
Legal and Governance
Wiltshire Council
Bythesea Road
BA14 8JN
[2][Wiltshire Council request email]
Web: [3]
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Evans, Sharron, Wiltshire Council

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Request for information – reference RFI - ENQ05336-REQ001
Thank you for your request for information received on Wednesday, 20 April
2016. In response to your request officers have provided the attached
There may be blank cells in the information provided, this will be where
names of sole traders have been removed. Information relating to sole
traders is determined to be personal information and, under [1]Section
40(2) of the Freedom of Information Act, is exempt from disclosure. The
ICO’s  Decision Notice (Mid Devon District Council) [2]FS50072180
determined that information relating to non domestic business rates was
information about the financial standing of a sole trader’s business with
the Council and that this amounted to the sole trader's personal data,
therefore disclosure would be unfair and contravene the first Data
Protection principle.
Some of the exemptions under the Act are absolute, and some are qualified.
The qualified exemptions are subject to the public interest test. This
exemption is absolute so the test does not need to be applied.
If you are unhappy with this result, you can raise a complaint under the
council’s [3]Review Procedure for Information Requests (enclosed) within
40 days of receiving the information. When you have exhausted the
council’s procedure you can contact the Information Commissioner’s Office
at Wycliffe House, Water Lane, Wilmslow, Cheshire, SK9 5AF,
[4] or 01625 545745. If you would like to discuss any of the
information provided to you or would like further information on the
review procedure, please contact me.
Information supplied under the Freedom of Information Act and/or
Environmental Information Regulations will be subject to copyright
protection under the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988. Information
can be re-used for the purposes of research for non-commercial purposes,
for private study or for news reporting and reviews, without requiring
formal consent. However, if you wish to re-use the information for
commercial purposes, including publishing, you are required to seek the
permission of the copyright owner. Permission to re-use Wiltshire
Council’s copyright information is granted in the form of a licence.
Authorisation to re-use copyright material not owned by Wiltshire Council
should be sought from the copyright holders concerned.
Yours sincerely
Sharron Evans LLM
Principal Information Officer
Corporate Information Team
Corporate Office
Wiltshire Council
Bythesea Road
BA14 8JN
01225 713643
[email address]
Web: [5]
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