Request for AESPs relating to Snatch 2A Land Rover

Currently waiting for a response from Ministry of Defence, they must respond promptly and normally no later than (details).

Dear Ministry of Defence,

I would like to know if the MOD continues to hold the following documents relating to the 'Truck Utility Medium (HS) HT W/VPK 24v (with ACU) (Snatch-2A)':

AESP 2320 D 132 201 - Operating Information
AESP 2320 D 132 601 - Maintenance Schedules
AESP 2320 D 132 741 - Complete Equipment Schedules, Service Edition
AESP 2320 D 132 821 - General Instructions, Special Technical Instructions and Servicing Instructions

If the documents are very large then perhaps to avoid a Section 14 refusal a copy of the table of contents showing chapter headings along with a page count would be helpful and less onerous.

Yours faithfully,
Carl Harris

Sent request to Ministry of Defence again, using a new contact address.

Richard Taylor left an annotation ()

The MoD asked for this request to be resent. (Perhaps they lost their copy of the original!)

DES SEC-PolSec LE-JSC-WPNS (MULTIUSER), Ministry of Defence

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Dear Mr Harris,


Your request has been logged under our reference FOI2018/09115 and the
target date for response is 9^th August 2018.


Kind Regards


DE&S Policy Secretariat Land Equipment


MOD Abbey Wood, #2043 | Maple 0a | Bristol | BS34 8JH




[2]Defence Equipment & Support




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I no longer require the following element of the request. I trust this will make your task less onerous.

AESP 2320 D 132 201 - Operating Information

Yours sincerely,

Carl Harris

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