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Hussam Hajjouk made this Freedom of Information request to Solicitors Regulation Authority

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The request was refused by Solicitors Regulation Authority.

Dear Solicitors Regulation Authority,

This is a request under the freedom of information act, and I will be very specific about the required information to comply with the Act, so you can identify the information at a minimum cost and effort

1. Would you kindly disclose the number of firms closed in 2016, 2017 and 2018?
You listed on your website that from January 2019 up to today 1,233 new firm has opened and 1057 firms have closed. this is a link to your report so you don't need to copy it in your response as the information I'm requesting is not there.

The LSB reported about Changes in the legal services market 2006/07 - 2014/15, Figure A.2. analysis of your data that:
2009/10, 1,214 firms opened and 534 firms closed
2010/11 reported that 1,148 firms opened and 577 firms closed
2011/12, 1,078 firms opened and 469 firms closed
2012/13 the number declined to 878 firms opened and 338 firms closed
2013/14 firms opened was almost the same 899 but the firms close was much higher to 913 firms closed
in 2014/15, 835 firms opened and 1,011 firms closed

2. Would you kindly provide the public with accurate figures for the firms closed and new firms opened between 2009 and 2015? This is a link to LSB report
The figures that the LSB referred to and made its research and analysis might be wrong because you stated In your application for the approval of Practising Certificate Fee for 2011/12 that the fees of sole practitioners increased by over 50%, as they paid both the individual fee and a fee based on turnover, many small firms were seeing a significant (over 100%) increase in fees over the previous year and some were seeing an increase of over ten times the amount paid previously. Table D of this application showed that Sole Practitioners were 6,214 firms at the time ( 3589+2625) As a result, the firm closure notifications rose from 565 in 2008 to 1,111 in 2009, rose less steeply in 2010 to 1,172, you indicated that the underlying economic climate probably has more impact than your fees. On page 24 you said that the level of complaint was much lower than anticipated, only one lawyer had threatened to seek a judicial review. This is a link to this application

I'm aware that you keep data for 6 years only, but I asked for this information from 2009, as I was searching for a Solicitors firm to act for me and your website provided me with information about 2,420 Limited Liability Partnership LLP firms, and some 18,700 Limited incorporated firms and another kind of firms. this confused me as I was looking for full protection, and you say only around 7000 firms are covered by the compensation fund, I'm providing you here with a screenshot of the result of my search
3. Would you kindly point me to those firms that fully covered under your organisation protection? None of them mentioned on their website that they are covered against Dishonesty. nor the ones I contacted understood my question if they hold client money.

I also tried to search on the Law Society website, it confused me even more, it appears that the Law Society still publishing the numbers of private firms as they were in 2006, never update its record. turned 145,000 Solictores from being practising in 2009 to be the roll saying only 115,000 were practising in 2009, forgotten its submissions about 145,000 legally registered practitioner. it's time to retire maybe, been there since 1825, confused by those solicitors employed in private firms, keep posting the same number about them again and again since 2015, stating they were 95,000, then split them into employed by English firms and others of American firms, after four years in 2019, forgotten those employed in American firms, and again published those occupied by English firms at 95,000. The Law Society is not confused with the Practicing holders in private firms only, but also with the numbers of all firms, For example:

- The Law Society, 2019 Statistic report stated that there are 674 firms in entire Yorkshire and Humberside, but it’s finding a solicitor page shows there are 939 firms in Wakefield, and 460 firms within 25 mills of York
- The Law society 2019 Statistic report shows that there are 1,261 firms in all North West, but its search for solicitors’ page shows 1,510 firms in Lees only
- The Law society 2019 Statistic report says that only 243 firms in North East, while the search for solicitors’ page shows 320 firms in Newcastle and another 374 firms in Sunderland and 398 firms in Durham.
- Law Society 2019 statistical report says 655 firms in Eastern area only, while search page shows 375 in Bedfordshire, 436 in Southend
- Law Society's 2019 statistical report said there are 30,315 PC Holder works in 655 firms in the City of London, but its map search page shows 600 firms around Holborn Circise alone.
- And the statistical report said there are 29,737 PC holders work in 554 firms in the rest of central London, and Westminster, and Camden and every part of London out of the City, but its map search shows 600 firms around Red Lion Square alone.
- The 2019 Statistical report said there are 60,000 PC holder works in 1900 firms in Greater London, but those do not count in the total PC holders, they probably with a similar condition to the Welsh, they make less than £20,000 turnover so SRA doesn't count them.
This is a screenshot for the Law Society finds a solicitor search map.
4 - would you please update the Law Society with the accurate data as of 2021, not 2006?

Large sums of funds were spent on IT projects for many years, and yet the search page has odd results, I was looking for a solicitor in London, not Reading or Luton within 25 miles.

Yours faithfully,

Hussam Hajjouk

SRA Information Compliance, Solicitors Regulation Authority

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