Request for 2017 meeting minutes and electronic bill documents

Robert Pettitt made this Freedom of Information request to Civil Procedure Rule Committee

This request has been closed to new correspondence. Contact us if you think it should be reopened.

The request was successful.

Dear Civil Procedure Rule Committee,

I, Robert Pettitt, request that a copy of all 2017 Civil Procedure Rule Committee meeting minutes are published and that all documents considered and produced relating to the Civil Procedure Rule Committe decision to make electronic bills compulsory in civil proceedings are published.

Yours faithfully,

Robert Pettitt

Wright, Jane, Civil Procedure Rule Committee

I am out of the office until  Monday 29  January 2018.  If your query is
urgent please email [email address].


Please note I do not work on Fridays. 



Thank you





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Wright, Jane, Civil Procedure Rule Committee

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    2017 CPRC

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    New Bill of Costs

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Dear Mr Pettitt

Thank you for your FOI request in respect of bills of costs. I attach a file containing the minutes of the CPRC Meetings for 2017 and papers relating to the new form of bills of costs. The minutes for December 2017 are not as yet available, but will not contain any reference to the new bills of costs you are interested in.

Please note that filing of electronic bills of costs is not compulsory in all civil proceedings, only those Part 7 cases allocated to the multi-track, except —

(i) for cases in which the proceedings are subject to fixed costs or scale costs;

(ii) cases in which the receiving party is unrepresented; or

(iii) where the court has otherwise ordered; and

(iv) the bills of costs relate to costs recoverable between the parties for work undertaken after 6 April 2018 (“the Transition Date”).


Jane Wright
Secretary, Civil Procedure Rule Committee
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Dear Jane

Thank you for your response.

This covers everything that I was after.

Kind regards

Robert Pettitt