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Chris Fernandes

Dear Ministry of Defence,

I am researching the history of vehicles which have now left Ministry of Defence Service.
Please can I request a copy of the MERLIN report and history card for the following vehicles I own.

Any additional information you have on these vehicles not included in the above would be very welcome.

Registration: JZ 95 AA
Registration: 35 KL 81
Registration: 42 KF 50
Registration: 66 FL 06
Registration: 43 GF 60

I understand this information is available under the Freedom of Information Act.

Many thanks for your help.

Yours faithfully,
Chris Fernandes


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Dear Mr Fernandes


Please find attached a response to your FOI request dated 5^th March 2017.


Kind regards


Tony Dudman | DE&S Secretariat Parliamentary |

Maple 0A, MOD Abbey Wood, #2043, Bristol, BS34 8JH |

CIV: 0117 913 6152 | MIL: 9352 36152 |



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