Reporter, Mick Coyle, Cllr Gary Millar, Peter McInnes NPG ltd Hong Kong

wong made this Freedom of Information request to Liverpool City Council This request has been closed to new correspondence. Contact us if you think it should be reopened.

The request was refused by Liverpool City Council.

Dear Liverpool City Council,

Jeanette Geraldine McLoughlin

Liverpool City Council

Legal Services, 5th Floor Cunard Buildings

Ms McLoughlin,

On the 30/01/2019 your legal team were asked who wrote and put together this reply to an FOI 11,48 am we had talked to Angle Lewis and then she passed us over to a lady who was very helpful, Ms Vicky Roberts her number was 0151- 233- 0411 she went on to say it was Cllr Gary Millar who set up the reply and wrote it, could you please state was this the correct way to address this?

We wish to ask just these last final questions to [Cllr Gary Millar] to help understand this matter if he will please come forward and try to recall the missing links this could help in getting to the bottom of this mess from 2015.

Cllr Gary Millar says this “Peter McInnes joined a Northern Powerhouse event at Manchester’s Midland Hotel attended by President Xi.

Councillor Millar also attended that event as a guest of what was then called UKTI after President Xi left. Councillor Millar did not have a meeting with Peter McInnes but was introduced to him by UKTI

[1] So was this the very first time Cllr Gary Miller had met and known about Mr Peter McInnes?

[2] So Cllr Gary Millar never knew of his past with PHD1 in Manchester or his partnerships with [Tony Freeman] Yet at the same time, [Cllr Ann O’Byrne] had a number of meeting with Peter McInnes to award him and NPG Ltd the £200 million contract in Liverpool Chinatown, so Cllr Gary Millar then also had no knowledge of this?

[3] Could Cllr Gary Millar please state that he now was introduced to Mr Peter McInnes by UKTI in 2015 at the Midland hotel and only after President Xi had left the event?

[4] Could Cllr Gary Millar recall did he or his staff at his own office do any background checks or due diligence on this person and his company [Peter McInnes] PHD1 Manchester and Tony Freeman?

The reason I ask is this: Cllr Gary Millar responses with Q7

7. Councillor Millar was not involved in the making of the booklet and has no details relating

to its content. It is believed that the booklet was created by the UK Government and as

such contained the required and legal disclaimer about investors being responsible for

doing their own due diligence.

[5] Can Cllr Gary Millar cast his mind back to 2012/14 regarding this matter?

[6] Detective Constable Duncan Watson used the case to raise questions over the 48-year-old’s business links Peter McInnes – with two high profile underworld characters he had connections with.

[7] After a 14-month wait to defend himself in public Mr McInnes, who said he has never been arrested, questioned or charged over the claims, has now dismissed them as “misleading and untrue”

Please note

Cllr Gary Millar, Cllr Ann O’Byrne and the Liverpool city planning department, all knew of this high-profile case and are now acting like they knew nothing about this person.

The case was on 14th January 2016 and it went back to 2013.

[8 Could Cllr Gary Millar please recall any other meeting this time in the city of Liverpool and accompanying Mr Peter McInnes to any art shows in the city along with a woman did Cllr Gary Millar ever attend any art events in the [Baltic neighbourhood] with Mr McInnes?

Please note we do not wish to name the women until Cllr Gary Millar replies.

[9] Could Cllr Gary Millar please rethink his past statements with [Parr Street] in 2015 as it was rented out to [ North Point] and its staff or agents for a two-day public event as part of [Chinatown North point]

[10] Can Cllr Gary Millar, please say he or his staff and company were never paid any fees from the developer, and that any paperwork we were given is fake and the person who told us this is a liar?

Please note

So, for the record Cllr Gary Millar did not take any payments it was all free?

[11] Can Cllr Millar explain after going to Hong Kong in 2015 and then coming home to Liverpool then finding out NPG and its staff were not in good standing with the investors, did he then go on to promote NPG Ltd and North Point Pall Mall.

[12] Did Cllr Gary Millar help in any way manner or form the {DROP IN FOR A CHAT WITH MICK COYLE LIVER ON RADIO CITY]

20th January 20th, 2017 with NPG head salesman [Alex Doonan] or did this salesman just walk in off the streets of Liverpool?

[13] Has Cllr Gary Millar ever talked or had emails to and from this person [Alex Doonan] held any talks with him in person or his then acting boss [ Simon Clarke}?

How could NPG just walk into the radio station of radio city and get on air plugging Liverpool Chinatown and Pall Mall and Banksy art?

[14] So, Cllr Gary knows nothing at all about this and played no part and did not ask Mick Coyle to get him [ Doonan] on the air?

[15] Can Cllr Gary Millar also try to explain up until 2018 December and as far back as 2017 why he did not act when told of the same crew or gang from NPG Ltd were setting up [Metalworks] in Vauxhall Rd Liverpool.

Cllr Gary Millar along with the Mayor and the local newspaper were all given the data and told that overseas buyers and locals were about to get ripped off just like Chinatown and Pall Mall.

Cllr Gary Millar had a duty to inform others as to this and even Mr Antonio Garcia said he and his company had a good relationship with both Cllr Gary Millar and the Mayor in 2107.

Cllr Gary Millar was even told that a worldwide advert was been sent to other investors and it was even on [you tube] 25th May 2017 “WHY IN INVEST IN LIVERPOOL” It was the Metalworks with Alex Doonan and Accentus real estate.

Cllr Gary Millar just blanked this and refused to even talk about it.

Cllr Gay Millar and the Mayor’s office that were all told of the 7th November 2017 [LANDLORD INVEST SHOW] Buy to let with the same ex NPG crew selling off plan apartments at the [ Metalworks}

Cllr Gary Millar’s staff said Millar was away or working only from home and it’s not a matter for him to deal with.

Cllr Gary Millar then was told of [Accentus real estate] selling now another building called the RISE next to the Royal hospital in Liverpool, the person behind this one was [Kerry Tomlinson] of Primesite.

[16] If Cllr Gary Millar knew of all this and was flying all over the far east trying to get real investment into Liverpool, then why would he and his staff not blow the whistle on these cowboys or tell the overseas press?

Cllr Millar was told that the very same persons in NPG Hong Kong in 2015 had now set up yet another company [Acentus real estate] in 2017 it was run by both ex {NPG] sales director Simon Clarke and his salesman Alex Doonan. The other person behind this was Mr A Garcia who Cllr Gary Millar knew from 2015 in Chinatown Liverpool.

Simon Clarke

Sales Director with in-depth knowledge of the UK and International Property market.

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Evidence gathered over four years and obtained will show an attempt to discredit the inquiry into Manchester’s and Liverpool’s $189 million international development, scam in which some councils were a part of and coved it all up.

The confidential filesharing data may prove collusion with several persons from Hong Kong, Manchester, Liverpool and Chester with fraud.

One of the ways of promoting this fraud was when a group of high-profile persons get together and plan it or are themselves conned into it.

Cllr Gary Millar’s Hong Kong trip was never to promote “Liverpool” no far from it, it was to reel in investors to buy into a pipe dream “Chinatown and Pall Mall Liverpool” while the other group did the same in “Angle gate Manchester”

Now after almost four years leaked material will be coming out in 2019 into the players in which has never made public.

The structure of how it was all put together in 2104 and the payments made to several very bent high-profile accountants and solicitors are being investigated.

Footnotes below,

As to the history of Peter McInnes passed to us by others in the Cunard building and who are saying PHD1 and Peter McInnes has been known for many years by the Liverpool planning and building officers, along with Cllr Millar and Cllr O’Byrne.

The 14th Jan 2106 by-line was by the Liverpool Echo


Mr McInnes became one of the biggest players in Liverpool’s vibrant regeneration scene through prominent roles at development firms PHD1 and North Point Global.

That bid was secured in 2015 by the company it was said he chaired, North Point Global, described as the development-arm of “local construction firm PHD1” - of which he was also described as chair.

At the other end of the city centre, work is also underway on the 18 storey North Point Global development off Pall Mall - North Point - touted as a new gateway to the city centre from the north.

Please see reference to several photos in 2015 with Cllr Gary Millar behind the scammed paper model of £90 million Pall Mall con with Mr McInnes

Set to tower over the business district, the state-of-the-art £90m complex is designed to offer everything from apartments to rooftop gardens.

Mr McInnes’ web of business interests also saw him develop connections with players in Liverpool’s underworld.

Companies House records reveal he was once a director of the now dissolved firm Peckers Hill Development Ltd.

He held that role alongside wife Sheila Ann McInnes and Anthony Quigley, who all used a plush Childwall Park Avenue home as their address for company correspondence.

That , which Mr McInnes told the ECHO was owned and rented out by his wife, was raided by Merseyside Police on June 18, 2015, with specialist police arresting Quigley as part of a cross-country crackdown on drugs.

The case also heard DC Watson claim Mr McInnes had never declared any income in the UK and suggest: “He fronts companies, runs them until accounts are due and then scraps them and then moves on.”

Companies House records link Peter McInnes to 12 companies across six different, unlinked, profiles. Six of those companies are dissolved and two have been liquidated.

Mr Johnson said Mr McInnes was director of a development company called Peckers Hill alongside Anthony Quigley, who recently pleaded guilty to conspiring to supply heroin.

Mr McInnes and his wife have not been charged with any criminal offence.
Mr Power put it to DC Watson that Mr McInnes was, in fact, regenerating large parts of Liverpool city centre and appeared to have the full backing of Liverpool city council.
It's not known what involvement Liverpool City Council had in any of these developments and it may not
Mr Power said: "Liverpool city council think quite a lot of him, don't they?' Mr Power asked DC Watson why he had provided press cuttings of some of the projects Mr McInnes was associated with in Liverpool.
Mr Power asked DC Watson if he thought that Mr McInnes had "conned" Liverpool city council in some way.
DC Watson said: "He fronts companies, runs them until accounts are due and then scraps them and then moves on."
DC Watson said that Mr McInnes had never declared any income in this country. The court heard that he has a home in Dubai.
DC Watson said that, at the meeting, Mr McInnes said he had problems with some people in Merseyside and was a player in a "dangerous world.


Mr McInnes became one of the biggest players in Liverpool’s vibrant regeneration scene through prominent roles at development firms PHD1 and North Point Global.

Yours faithfully,
Ms Wong