Report into domestic fire at 26 Greenland Quay in March 2016

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Dear London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority (London Fire Brigade),

I have been accused by my landlord of starting a fire through mis-use of the oven in the property 26 Greenland Quay in March of last year. At the time of the fire, the fire fighters at the scene said it wasn't our fault that the fire had started as the fan had pulled a small piece of food backwards whilst cooking.

I wondered if there was a record of this incident that you could provide me with to make my case to the landlord.

Yours faithfully,

Abi Blaylock

London Fire Commissioner (London Fire Brigade)

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Hi Abi

In regards to your request below, I am now pleased to attached a Confirmation of attendance letter for you.

To get the full report, there is a charge of £98.

I hope this helps.

Kind Regards
Devon Young
Data Administration
London Fire Brigade
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