Repairs to Heating System at Riverside Flats, Grantham

The request was successful.

Dear South Kesteven District Council,
I refer you to FOI 1544380 17 April 2019
Your Reply 30 May 2019 ( LATE AGAIN)

I feel you have failed to respond correctly to some of the questions. I will therefore ask you again. I do not need to outline the issues again. l therfore resubmit my questions and require full data, names, dates and information

Q3/ Who instigated this bid ?
I would like further information please.

Could you please provide names and dates please of SKDC Cllrs, SKDC Employees, Documents and or emails involved in this to substantiate the correct timing of events.

Q4/ Any SKDC Cllr or SKDC employee involved in the bid.
I would like further information please.

I require Cllrs names, SKDC employees names and dates when they became involved in this bid process please. This is IMPORTANT for legal reasons please.

Q5 / As this was classed as an emergency where elderly and vulnerable people were involvedwhy these funds had to be 'bid for' and were not used from a contingency.
I would like further information please.

You stated preparatory work in January and March 2019?
Could you please explain what this preparatory work involved?
Were any SKDC Cllrs involved in this if so please provide names and dates again I need an accurate response.

Yours faithfully,