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R Austin made this Freedom of Information request to Home Office

This request has been closed to new correspondence from the public body. Contact us if you think it ought be re-opened.

The request was partially successful.

Dear Home Office,

I have received a formal letter from the General Registry Office of
Scotland confirming the following information and points:

a: The Birth Register entry or any documentation issued as an extract of that entry does not constitute any form of identity and wasn't intended to be.
b: I am not permitted to inspect the original birth register entry allegedly created with respect to me as a human being.
c: No Person allegedly present at the birth registration event was asked to provide identity.
d. The Persons claiming to be my parents were not asked to provide any evidence that they were indeed my natural father or mother and there is no evidence that the baby present was myself.
e. The entire birth registration process and current means of issuing birth register extracts is entirely comprised of hearsay.
This was not explicitly stated but my reading of the letter offered no alternative view.
f. It has been established in courts that the birth registration is only evidence of an event having taken place at a location and a time.
g. My alleged Father and Mother were not given full disclosure as to the reason why they were registering the baby and were not advised that they were in fact entering into a contractual arrangement with the state which would have a major effect on them and their baby.

Please note that my birth registration was in 1966 and in Scotland.

My assessment of this information is that I now CANNOT use the Name on the Birth Register as I have no means by which to prove I was that baby.

As I have no way to prove whether fraud or deceit occurred during my birth registration I am reluctant to continue using this Name as I can no longer claim ignorance as a defence.

My information requests are as follows:

1. Does the Home Office recognise the Name provided in the birth registration as identity of the Person? Please provide supporting information/ evidence for your response.
2. Does the Home Office recognise that if I generally use
this Name without advising Third Parties of the issues that I am potentially committing fraud or deceit (full contractual disclosure requirement?)? Please provide supporting information / evidence for your response.
3. Does the Home Office confirm that if I were to accept
the birth registration Name under oath I could be committing
perjury if I actually have no provable means by which to prove I am that Name? Has this been tested in a court in the UK and could you provide any information/ evidence for your response?
4 I have been advised of a test case in Canada where a judge
apparently found that the birth registration Name was an
'Allegatory Title'. Please forgive me if I do not have the
nomenclature correct as I am essentially a stupid man, but in essence the judge confirmed that any claim to the Name was merely alleged. Do you have records or a reference for this test case and have their been any similar test cases you are aware of in the UK that I could research to establish my lawful position? Is the Canadian court
statement relevant to the UK?
5. I am now placing the word 'alleged' behind the birth
registration Name that I use on a day to day basis as I go about my life. I feel that this offers me some protection in the event it is found that the people who registered me were not my parents (this has always been my suspicion), or that the documentation or process was flawed, or that there has been a mistake, or that lack of full disclosure rendered the registration void. Given the extent of
hearsay involved and my suspicion that a grave mistake has indeed taken place I am however unable to prove the truth of the records either way. I know this question 5 is not wholly an FOI request but I would very much appreciate your kind assistance in advising me how I should respond legally if someone or a corporate entity is unwilling to accept this 'alleged' addition to my name. Does the Home Office hold any information related to the use of an
Allegatory Title or Name? Can you provide any legal references that I could examine to clarify this situation?
6. Can the Home Office provide advice or information as to
how I can use the birth registration Name in a manner whereby I can relax in the knowledge that I am not inadvertently committing deceit, fraud, perjury, or some other crime by doing so. Please note that as a professional I sign many legal documents and contractual documents and this is presumably a materially important matter so that I offer full disclosure to my clients/customers.

I thank you for response to this FOI and look forward to hearing from you within the allotted time frame.

Yours faithfully,

R Austin (alleged)

dennis fallon left an annotation ()

R.Austin(Alleged),the highly paid excuse makers will be on overtime.

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Dear R Austin,

Thank you for your email of 6 June. Please find document attached.

<<18898 R Austin transfer response.pdf>>

Yours sincerely,

Freedom of Information Team

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dennis fallon left an annotation ()

Hahaha.No one responsible enough to forward the FOI to the relevent department.How utterly useless.


Apologies for the delay in my responding to you.

I would have presumed that questions regarding identity should be sent to your organisation given that you are The Identity and Passport Service. I completely disagree that the General Registry Office of Scotland can provide this information. I have called them twice and they were genuinely unable to help and referred me back to your office.

I appreciate that you may not want to respond to my request but this does not remove your office from commercial and legal/lawful responsibility for providing a reasonable and accurate response under the terms of the Freedom of Information Act.

I request an internal review.

Yours sincerely,

R Austin

Psuedo of Nom family left an annotation ()

So Mr Austin, I take it you don't accept any payments made your employer or the state to your alleged name?

Mr Jackson left an annotation ()

I love Mr Austin's requests.
I hope he has a blog where he writes about his responses?

Hughes Selwyn,

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Dear Mr Austin,

I am attaching a response to your email of 6 September:


Selwyn Hughes
Communications Manager
Identity and Passport Service | General Register Office | Communications
and Business Support | Room 109 Smedley Hydro | Trafalgar Road | Southport
| PR8 2HH

E: [email address]
To find out more about the General Register Office, visit

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R Austin left an annotation ()

Pseudo of Nom. I am not a MR and would greatly appreciate you not assuming I am anyone's servant, as that title suggests.

You may be disappointed to learn that I pay as little in as I can and take nothing, zero, nada, nowt out of the current system while I defend my/your liberty and freedom from the criminal cartels actively taking over control of the Government of these isles. What is your intended childish motive in posting such a suggestive comment?

Good grief..

Psuedo of Nom family left an annotation ()

Touched a nerve did I Mr Austin?