Richard Jackson

Dear Sir or Madam,

It is my understanding that it is possible to register the birth of a child with no name, and then subsequently have a name entered into the register at any point within 12 months.

If this is so (and if not, I would appreciate you pointing me to the relevant laws), I would ask that you provide

a) for each of the last 10 years:

1) the number of children initially registered without a name

2) the number of such children where a name is subsequently registered within 12 months

b) details on any process the GRO has for pro-actively contacting parents of children registered without a name both within and beyond this 12 month period.

Yours faithfully,


General Register Office

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The records of this office relate mainly to births, deaths and
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The records are not linked so we are unable to compile family trees or trace
The only information that we can supply is in the form of a birth, death and
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Our website contains general information about our services and provides a
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If you do not have all the details of the entry you are looking for and
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You must supply full details of the event as we do not undertake searches of
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consecutive year search but you must tell us which three years to look
through. Please note that once an order has been placed and payment details
have been provided, the order cannot be cancelled or amended.

If you would like to look at copies of the GRO Index, this part of our
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The General Register Office
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Providing you know full details and the area in which the event was
registered, it is often possible to make an application direct to the local
register office. Certificates ordered in this way cost £7.00 (7.00GBP), but
the length of time they take depends on the work load of the particular
If you know the district concerned, please contact us and we can give you
telephone number and address of the relevant local office, or visit this
part of our website to find contact details

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Sent request to General Register Office again.

General Register Office

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Certificate Services

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Certificate Services,

Dear Sir

Your e-mail has been forwarded to our Corrections and Re Reg section for reply

[email address]

Yours sincerely

Judith Roberts
Certificate Services Contact Centre

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Dave Trembath,

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Dear Richard,

You asked, for each of the last ten years, the number of children where the
birth was initially registered without a name and the number of such
children where a name was subsequently entered in the register within 12
months. I asked the Office for National Statistics for this information and
they have provided the figures in the table below.

(See attached file: Names enquiry summary.xls)

You also asked for details on any process we have for proactively
contacting parents of children whose births are registered without a name
being recorded. There is no process for doing this. It is for the parents
to request a name to be added to the registration if and when they wish to
do this.


David Trembath
Births, Deaths and Adoptions Branch
General Register Office
Tel. 0151 471 4574
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