Dear Bromley Borough Council,

I would like to know how many EU citizens in your council area successfully filled in the UC1
form for the 2019 European elections and became eligible to vote in these

Yours faithfully,

Rob Blackie

Ling, Carol, Bromley Borough Council

Dear Mr Blackie


I refer to your email dated 26 June 2019 requesting information under the
Freedom of Information regarding the registration of EU citizens.  


First of all, I can advise you that the Electoral Registration
Officer/Returning Officer are not public authorities under the Freedom of
Information Act, and as such are generally exempt from the disclosure
requirements imposed by that legislation.


Notwithstanding that that there is no statutory obligation to provide this
information, I would like to help you with your request, so far as I am
able, and the information is easily available or already in the public


I can therefore confirm that 2,586 EU citizens in Bromley successfully
registered/completed Form UC1 and were eligible to vote at the EU election
on 23 May 2019.




Carol Ling
Electoral Services Manager


London Borough of Bromley

Civic Centre

Stockwell Close




Tel: 0300 303 8665

Web: [1]

Register to Vote: [2]





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