Dear Lambeth Borough Council,

Please could you let me know:

1. How many EU citizens were on the electoral roll at the time of the 2019 European elections.
2. How many of these EU citizens successfully completed the form attached to ensure that they could vote in the European elections and were subsequently entitled to vote having done this?

Thanks very much. If you have any questions please do ask me.

Yours faithfully,

Rob Blackie.

Jane Shields, Lambeth Borough Council

Information request
Our reference: IR283614


Request details:  Freedom of Information request - Registration for the
European elections 2019 .
We acknowledge receipt of your request for information that was received
on30 May 2019.

We are dealing with your request and aim to respond within 20 working
days, by 27 June 2019.
Thank you for your interest in Lambeth Council.
Yours sincerely

Debra Naylor
Freedom of Information Team
London Borough of Lambeth
E-mail: [Lambeth Borough Council request email]
Lambeth - the co-operative council

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Dear Jane Shields,

I haven't received a response by your deadline of today - can you confirm that you will be providing it shortly?

Yours sincerely,

Rob Blackie

Leah Nairne, Lambeth Borough Council

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Information request
Our reference: IR283614


Dear Mr Blackie

Please see attached letter.

Yours sincerely

FOI Team
Email: [1][email address]

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