Regaining British Citizenship: Citizens Born in Northern Ireland

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Dear Home Office,

I am looking for information which I have not found to exist on any of the websites related to the former UKBA or the Home Office. Therefore, I request that this information be made available via FOI.

Please inform as to the procedure for people born in Northern Ireland to be able to regain British Citizenship after renunciation.

The UKBA/HO website provides the following information:
"If you gave up your citizenship for any other reason, or have already given up and resumed British citizenship as a right, the Home Secretary may allow you to resume it, depending on the circumstances. You should contact us for advice before you make an application."

Where is the criteria that the Home Secretary will use to decide as to whether or not a Northern Irish born person who formerly held a British passport which was renounced to be found? I'm sure there must be some form of guidance available to the Home Office on this. This obviously will have implications on the "Good Friday Agreement" wherein the British and Irish governments agreed that people born in Northern Ireland (who meet the requirements for citizenship of both countries by birth) may choose to be British, Irish or both.

I look forward to your response on this matter.

Yours faithfully,

John Kelly

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Dear John Kelly


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Information Access Team

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Kind Regards



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