Refined FOIA Request for Overview of DHSC Intranet Structure, Expenditure Summary, and Interface Description

The request was successful.

Dear Department of Health and Social Care,

I am contacting you under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 (FOIA) to refine a previous request for specific information regarding the department's intranet. My intention is to ensure clarity and alignment with FOIA guidelines to facilitate a successful and lawful disclosure.

Intranet Structure and Content Overview:

Refined Request: Instead of a full sitemap, I seek a general overview of the types of content and primary sections available on the intranet. This summary will suffice to understand the structure and content types, respecting any sensitivities or confidentiality concerns.

Financial Transparency of Intranet Operations:

Refined Request: I request a summary of the overall expenditure on the intranet for the last five years. A broad categorisation of costs (e.g., maintenance, development, content creation) would be greatly appreciated. Detailed financial data is not necessary, as the aim is to understand the general scale of investment in the intranet.

Visual Insight into the Intranet Interface:

Refined Request: Recognising the potential sensitivity of providing a screenshot, I instead request a brief description of the intranet’s homepage layout and main features. This should exclude any sensitive or confidential information, providing just a basic understanding of the user interface.

I understand and respect the need to balance transparency with confidentiality and sensitivity. Therefore, this refined request is designed to align with both the spirit of the FOIA and the department's operational constraints. Exclusions or redactions that are necessary under the Act's provisions are completely understood and expected.

I appreciate your department's commitment to public accountability and transparency. This request is intended to enhance public understanding of internal government operations without compromising sensitive information. I believe that this aligns with the FOIA's aim of fostering an informed citizenry.

Thank you for reconsidering my request. I look forward to your response.

Yours sincerely,

Ryan Jarvis

Department of Health and Social Care

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Department of Health and Social Care

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Dear Mr Jarvis,

Please find attached the Department of Health and Social Care's response
to your FOI request (our ref: FOI-1490424).

Yours sincerely, 

Freedom of Information Team
Department of Health and Social Care

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