Recruitment selection of vulnerable and safeguarding children

Response to this request is long overdue. By law, under all circumstances, Truro College should have responded by now (details). You can complain by requesting an internal review.

Dear Truro College,

1. I would like to know your policies and procedures to protect students from other students that have had a brush with the law (criminal record etc.), risk or known risk to other children or previously expelled from other schools or colleges

2. Please tell me the age range you enrol students. For the remainder of the request please breakdown statistics in two categories, up to age of 17, and 18 and over.

3. Please tell me the enrolment process and written policy for children that are
a) Considered vulnerable (mental health issues etc.) or registered disabled?

b) Been in trouble with the law at any age prior to initial enrolment?

c) Have autism, Asperger’s or ADHD

4. Do the answers of Q3 change in relation to age (i.e. different policy when the child reaches18) if so I would like to know what they are.

5. What is your policy and procedures on bullying (verbal or violent) of another student by a student that has a criminal record, risk or known risk to other children or previously expelled from other schools or colleges. Please tell me if the policy changes due to age of student.

6. How long do preliminary checks take on students to ensure safety of other students prior to enrolment? Please list what checks are undertaken.

7. With regards to students that have a criminal record risk or known risk to other children or previously expelled from other schools or colleges:-
a) Can these children apply and enrol themselves for courses, if so how many have enrolled themselves in the last two years? How many children have been rejected / accepted to attend your college. At what age range do they need a parent or guardian to sign any college forms such as applications?

b) Do the students have to declare to the college that they are known offenders etc. prior to enrolment? If so, how many have disclosed / failed to disclose any previous criminal history or suspension to your college?

c) Does the application to enrol have to be through outside agencies, if so please list all agencies that have made referrals to you college within the last two years, itemising number of students per agency and applications accepted / rejected to attend your college (please supply data for 2 years)

d) If enrolment has to be through outside agencies, or the outside agency has made the application does the agency have a legal obligation to declare that the student, for example, is known to any agency such as the police?

Yours faithfully,

D Speller

Jane Cashmore, Truro College

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Dear Mr or Ms Speller


Thank you for your enquiry.  I will respond as fully as I am able in the
order of your questions


1. I have attached our FE Admissions Policy for all applicants to Further
Education courses.  Any student who discloses a criminal record has an
individual and confidential  Risk Assessment prior to a course offer being


2. We are a tertiary college.  The majority of our student are post-16
learners.  There is no upper age limit for our part-time or HE learners. 
FE learners are in the 16-19 age bracket.  There are a small number of
Young College students at 14+ from schools, who attend specialist
curriculum area facilities.  We have approximately 6,500 FE and 7,800 part
time students in college in any  annual academic cycle.  Courses run from
a few hours long up to three years in total



a) I have attached our Disability Policy Statement and our Mental Health
Policy, which apply to all students


b) We do not classify this data.  All instances are treated individually
with due regard to the context and circumstances


c) I have attached our Autism Policy, which applies to all students


4. Our policies above apply to student of all ages


5.  I have attached our Anti-bullying policy which applies to all students


6. All applicants for FE courses are offered an interview for their chosen
course.  A named referee is requested for F/T applicants over 19.  An
optional supporting statement from parents is invited for applicants under
19.  We do not routinely undertake preliminary checks on applicants for
our courses



a) All applicants personally make their application to college, unless
disability or personal capacity determines it is done on their behalf. 
School applicants generally apply via the County 16 plus system in
school.  If a school does not participate in this system, they can apply
directly.  Parents are not required to sign the application.  Places are
offered subject to the entry requirements published in our
prospectuses/on-line and by interview with curriculum specialists for
full-time courses


b) Our application form asks if the applicant has any unspent criminal
conviction.  We generally only have the information which they provide. 
We do not process this data but consider each applicant on an individual


c) We process applications and interview all students internally.  We do
not use external agencies for student recruitment.  Schools are obliged to
offer impartial advice and guidance on all post-16 providers.  HE and
part-time adult courses are widely advertised


d) Not applicable as we do not use external agencies for recruitment




Jane Cashmore



Jane Cashmore

Director of Operations, Truro and Penwith College

(Tel: 01872 265809) (e-mail [1][email address])


Truro & Penwith College, College Road, Truro, TR1 3XX










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