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The request was successful.

Dear Bradford College,

Can you please provide me with your spend for permanent recruitment
over the last 12 months split by advertising, agency fees (please
confirm agency used), transfer fees, training etc.

Yours faithfully,


Liz Knowles, Bradford College

Dear Jannet
Thank you for your interest in Bradford College.   Would you please
clarify your request.  Can you please indicate whether this is just in
relation to permanent posts, and also what you are referring to in terms
of training when looking at recruitment costs in order for me to best
respond to your request.
Liz Knowles
Assistant to the Clerk of Corporation
Bradford College
Old Building
Great Horton Road
[email address]
Tel + 44 (0) 1274 431673

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Dear Liz Knowles,

Thank you for your reply,

I only need the information relating to advertisement for permanent staff and the cost incurred for recruitment agency and advertising agency.

Yours sincerely,


Freedom information, Bradford College

Thank you for your request for information and your interest in Bradford
College.   Unfortunately I am unable to give a complete answer to your
question, as the College does not organise its data in the way it would
need to in order to answer the particular questions you have asked.

I can confirm that the College used the following agencies/companies for
staff recruitment over the last twelve months:

AOC Create
Beacon Recruitment
Boston Rose
Hays Accountancy and Finance
Leeds Beckett University
Michael Page
Morgan Hunt
Protocol National
TES Global
Total Jobs Group
However, it did not use these agencies/companies solely for permanent
recruitment and, for the majority, it did not maintain an analysis of the
basis of the recruitment (i.e. whether temporary or permanent).  For its
main supplier, Beacon Recruitment, it did and total spend was
The College pays a global annual contract fee for advertising and it has
not collected data by which it could apportion that as between permanent
and temporary recruitment. 
The College provides online induction training to all new permanent staff
at a cost of £8,000 per year.   It also provides induction sessions in
house for new starters but does not collect data from which it could
feasibly extract the cost of those sessions.  Furthermore, the College
does not collect data from which it could feasibly extract staff training
on safe recruitment practices from other staff training.   I am advised
that the cost of isolating these costs would be very prohibitive: it would
certainly take at least 24 hours’ work.
If you are not satisfied with this response to your request, please
contact me and I will arrange an internal review of your case. If after
going through the internal complaints procedure, you remain dissatisfied,
or if Bradford College fails to review your case, you have the right to
apply directly to the Information Commissioner for a decision. The
Information Commissioner provides an online facility for reporting
complaints, which you will find at [1]
Kind regards
Joanna Green
Clerk to the Bradford College Group
01274 433213

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