Recording torture as mental break downs to secure training dozens of torturers

Joanna Iatridou made this Freedom of Information request to Whipps Cross University Hospital NHS Trust

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Joanna Iatridou

Dear Whipps Cross University Hospital NHS Trust,

Under the Freedom of Information Act, publish here those documents guidelines and the specific documents of my visit to your A&E late at night spring 2007. (More details by email)

This is not a personal matter to go under DPA. You will not use the DPA to conceal the training of 40 torturers on me since 2007, the public should know and be warned about them and about you equally. So please take this FOI in full consideration and priority because your Hospital, when I suddenly needed help from A&E was perfectly instructed and organised to convert the pain and panic from the first torture attack at home into a mental episode NHS record, so as to secure non-stop training of new torturers, at least forty so far. Plus, the Scottish NHS said in 2008-2009 that my records from Whipps Cross Hospital do not exist, they were deleted. So the choices are to answer the queries in full or escalate the enquiry to the max.

I showed up in A&E after being two days and two nights in total pain and panic and no sleep,(torture with DEWs installed upstairs from my bedroom in building with Police and Housing secret arrangements)I was correctly fearing I am about to get both a stroke and cardiac arrest and asking the Hospital to stay the entire night there fearing death or coma if I return home.
You placed a psychiatrist to question me, who ignored the malignant High Blood Pressure measurement recorded in A&E and insisted he needs to see me a number of times to "assess my mental state" as I described that the malignant high blood pressure happens extremely fast and causes extreme physical pain, which causes anxiety and insomnia, and that this is an external energy attack. I kept describing to the psychiatrist how much this sudden surge of blood pressure HURTS and he prescribed to me CITALOPRAM, an antidepressant guaranteed to raise my blood pressure still much higher and multiply my risk of getting a stroke.It was a well known fact that Propranolol or Inderal are the right medications to drop both malignant surge of blood pressure and the anxiety and pain it causes, yet, being under instructions to secure my stigmatizing as mental patient and maximum anxiety and physical injury he prescribed exactly what was going to damage my health a great deal more and secure that torturers can be trained undisturbed by my complaints and proliferate under PLAUSIBLE DENIABILITY.
Read the FOIs I submitted regarding torture records of Dennis Arnold and partner, Marina Llewellyn, Tim Rifat, Paolo Fiora. The NHS Hospitals are implicated in their torture cases too, and thanks to the NHS, we are likely to expect mental episodes- mental break downs or stress records, which is the security and foundation of DEWs torture sessions and new DEWs torturers being trained.

Now its not hard to believe that Dennis Arnold and Yasmin Jeremy were tortured for 12 years and same with Tim Rifat and Marina Llewellyn, which means that if 20 new torturers get trained on each target a year, the five of us, mentioned in FOIs were used to train 12 years by 20 torturers, plus 10 years by 20 torturers plus 18 years by 20 torturers plus six years by 20 torturers plus four years by 20 torturers, the reason why we were not killed during torture was they stop for a couple of days each time we are about to collapse in a coma or get cardiac arrest. We are a torture training resource and they ensure we stay this way.
So, by recording the first torture session as mental episode, the torture cases in my FOIs were clay pigeons in training A THOUSAND DEWs TORTURERS SO FAR.
Each torturer trained on a "mental patient" was
1. weaponised (who is the source of his DEWs? the Police?)
2. Housed upstairs or nearby secretly by Housing Council arrangements
3.Protected by the local safer community scheme who ensure there is total silence about the torture housing arrangements and secrecy stays put among all building residents plus local GP surgeries, all shops, pharmacies, churches, counselling suppliers etc. But the first foundation is the NHS Hospital to put in place a "Loony bin" certificate-label on the training target for the safety of the torture network, not the patient or the community. So, please ensure you dig up all documents re. my A&E and Dr Sajjat psychiatrist, as they are blue print of misrecording torture as mental disorder. Please answer promptly, don't waste time consulting your lawyers etc, manipulation of records has no future to conceal the torture record, because if we add up the 100 targets community,we got 10.000- ten thousand trained torturers with DEWs who potentially can generate hundreds of millions pounds in protection money from the business community especially as we are heading for the London Olympics.

Yours faithfully,

Joanna Iatridou

Joanna Iatridou left an annotation ()

Targets with unusual belief systems, such as WICA in the case of Marina Llewellyn, or Scientology in my case are a target of attraction for torture training because the unusual belief system is being exploited as further corroboration that we were always crazy and mental.The first step is to use spiritual beliefs as mental illness symptoms and that;s why the Council and other authorities keep a smug grin about my torture because they had managed to train a large squad on marina Llewellyn for ten years at least, thanks to her WICA beliefs.If she hadn't been labelled mental, to use her body for torture and experiments i wouldn't be in this position now, this is TOTALLY A PUBLIC MATTER AND DOCUMENTATION FROM AUTHORITIES IS CRUCIAL TO BE PUBLISHED HERE TO EXPOSE THE SYSTEM SPECIFICATIONS

lotus left an annotation ()

Hi there,
I wonder if you could elaborate - do you mean trainee psychiatrists or non-psychiatrist medical doctors..., and what other specialisms were/are part of the "torture-training-network" and names of the key figures nowadays??
It is a great shame that the NHS relies on inefficiency and misery being inflicted on the most vulnerable members of the community to keep itself afloat and apparently justified - totally unacceptable. We need more details of this "research and training" scam to put an end to secret misdiagnosis, torture and mistreatments.