Recording of PIP Medicals carried out by Independent Assessment Service

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philip courtney (Account suspended)

Dear Department for Work and Pensions,

1. In light of further increasing disputes of the accuracy of HP Assessors reports of medical assessment, especially in mental health cases, has the DWP moved forward with the pilot to introduce mandatory recording of assessments (available to both parties).

2. Given that in your reply to FOI2019/23060 you stated that recording is permissible with the HP agreement, although in practice such is not available, how does the DWP suggest resolution of accuracy disputes or inappropriate behaviour when the Independent Assessment Service complaints reply extends no further than a manager's comments who is not present at the actual assessment. (Example HP Nehrun - Enfield assessment centre - repeated examples).

3. Given the rapidly increasing numbers of case referred to Tribunal where there is dispute and majority decisions overturned or amended (in particular reference to the number of DLA transfers to PIP for claimants with mental health problems) and with claimant already assessed as ESA Support Group, how does the Department intend to address this consistent and repetitive lacking common sense contradiction?

4. Can the Department explain why claimants are unfairly reduced or lost disability entitlements (with knock on effects to Carer's Allowance, ESA, UC and so on) based on "errors", inaccuracy and breaches, why there is absolutely no recourse or financial penalty to the HP or ATOS rebranded Independent Assessment Service?

5. Do you genuinely believe a meaningless dreary letter of apology is acceptable recourse, especially in light level of repeat that is left particularly to the voluntary sector to clear up as often in case of Mental Health, claimants. (CPN's are often lazy and a convenient sloppy interpretation their Duty of Care - i.e. Enfield "Support & Recovery Service" - Silver Street)?

6. Will the continued lack of actual recourse or accountability that plagues the state and municipal sector (including NHS) dissipate post Brexit or is this the best we can expect?

Yours sincerely,

Philip Courtney (Advocate)

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