Recording meetings at Jobcentres.

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George Hepplestein

Dear Department for Work and Pensions,

It has been stated in many DWP FOI responses that a benefits claimant has the right to record meetings at the Jobcentre.

Unfortunately there have also been reports on forums that this right is being refused outright by the Jobcentre manager. There is also the possibility that no Jobcentre staff would be prepared to be recorded (as apparently is their right).

In light of this please answer:

1. What irrefutable legislation, Acts, regulations and guidelines should be shown to the Jobcentre managers to convince them of the claimant's legal right to record and of their obligation to facilitate this without undue delay?

2. What procedure should be followed by the claimant to expedite a recorded interview if even after showing such evidence recording is still refused?

3. If the excuse is used that no member of staff is willing to be recorded, what is the procedure that the claimant should then follow to ensure that he succeeds in obtaining a recorded interview with minimal delay?

4. Although it would clearly be preferable to notify the Jobcentre ahead of time of the desire to record an interview is there a mandatory requirement to do this?

5. If a claimant attends a interview and only then requests that the meeting is recorded what is the procedure that should be followed by the Jobcentre?

Yours faithfully,

George Hepplestein

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