Recorded information about FOI 2379/13

The request was partially successful.

Dear HM Revenue and Customs,

Under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 I seek the following information:

- All recorded information related to my previous FOI request "FOI 2379/13", including but not limited to, emails, memos, transcripts, minutes etc.

If the decision is made to withhold some of this data using exemptions in the Data Protection Act, please inform me of that
fact and cite the exemptions used.

If you need any clarification then please do not hesitate to contact me. Under Section 16 it is your duty to provide advice and assistance and so I would expect you to contact me if you find this request unmanageable in any way.

I would be grateful if you could confirm in writing that you have received this request, and I look forward to hearing from you within the 20-working day statutory time period.

Yours faithfully,

Thomas Gullen

HM Revenue and Customs

1 Attachment

Mr Gullen,
Please find attached the response to your request made under the Freedom
of Information Act 2000 (ref: FOI 2541/13).
<<FOI 2541-13 Response.pdf>>

Thank you

HMRC Freedom of Information Act Team
Room 1C/23
100 Parliament Street

fax: 03000 586902
[email address]

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