Record of requests for £1 overnight motorhome parking

Cornwall Development Company Limited did not have the information requested.

Donald Macdonald

Dear Cornwall Development Company Ltd,

It was reported on Cornwall Live (30th March 2021) that Vist Cornwall's CEO had received requests for £1 per night parking for self-contained motorcaravans - "Mr Bell said: “Motorhomes are causing me a bit of earache as they want us to open up £1 a night places to park as they’re self-contained..."

I would like to see a record of every request made that mentions £1 fee for parking.
Yours faithfully,
Donald Macdonald

CDC Reception, Cornwall Development Company Limited

Information Classification: CONTROLLED

Dear Mr Macdonald

Thank you for your email; Visit Cornwall are not part of Cornwall Development Company they are a separate entity and the Freedom of Information should be directed to them.

Gail Brazier-Sirett

Office Manager
Corporate Services
Cornwall Development Company

DDI: 01872 324904
Ext: 494904

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