Reconsideration of a UC Claimant Commitment-Work Coaches as decison makers

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Dear Department for Work and Pensions,

In your response to my previous FOI request:

You state:'Where a claimant is unhappy with the detail of the work search and availability requirements set, and have not accepted their claimant commitment, they will be able to ask for a reconsideration. This will supersede the 5 working days allowed to accept the claimant commitment.
A reconsideration will involve a different work coach interviewing the claimant to review the claimant commitment that they have not accepted. The claimant is asked for their reasons why they did not accept the claimant commitment and these are discussed. The work coach will make a determination on whether or not the claimant’s work related requirements are reasonable and this decision is explained to the claimant. '

-Please provide copies of the guidance issued to work coaches to enable them to make a determination on whether or not a claimants work related requirmements are reasonable.
-Please also provide copies/details of all training undertaken by work coaches to enable them to carry out this function.
-If the relevant guidance/traing materials does not include details of diagnostic questioning /information gathering to establish a claimants cirumstances in order for this to be fully taken into account- please provide any relevant guidance issued to work coaches/DMs in this regards
-Additionally please provide the relevance guidance concerning the steps to be taken to ensure fair process - that claimants are provided with all the relevant information, given accurate advice and provided with the opportunity to put their case.

Thanking you kindly in advance

Yours faithfully,

Fred Jordan

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