Recipients of China's Thousand Talents Programme

W Tanner made this Freedom of Information request to University of Exeter as part of a batch sent to 16 authorities

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University of Exeter did not have the information requested.

Dear University of Exeter,

Please could you provide:

- The total number of academics employed by your university awarded grants, recognition or employment through China's Thousand Talents Programme since 2008.
- A breakdown of Thousand Talent recipients by faculty and the year in which they were recognised.

Yours faithfully,

W Tanner

InformationGovernance mailbox, University of Exeter

Dear W Tanner,

Thank you for your request under the information Act of 2000. Your reference number is FOI20-219.

We will consider your request and respond in due course.

The data you provide to allow us to process your request is collected so that you are able to exercise your lawful rights under the Freedom of Information Act. Your personal data will be held by the Information Governance Office and shared with relevant staff as necessary.

Once a request has been completed, the relevant data will be held by the Information Governance Office for three years in line with ICO guidance, this is to ensure the University has fully carried out its requirements under the legislation.

For further information on how we process your personal data, please see:

The University should respond to your FOI request as soon as possible and no later than twenty working days after the date of receipt of the request. Should The University be required to undertake a public interest test relating to the potential application of a qualified exemption we may extend the time frame by up to twenty additional days. Please be aware that our response time takes into account the workloads of the Information Governance Office and relevant data owners and will therefore not always correlate with the complexity of the request. Should The University seek clarification any resulting time spent awaiting communication will not be counted against that time limit.


Rick Cockram
IG Records Officer
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InformationGovernance mailbox, University of Exeter

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Dear W Tanner,

Please find the University's response to your Freedom of Information Request attached.

Kind regards,
Information Governance Officer

University of Exeter
Lafrowda House, St. German’s Road, Exeter, EX4 6TL

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